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Be it your printer related issues (printer is offline, print coverage or driver updates) or anything related to your personal computer and laptop, we are happy to help.


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We have a group of expert volunteers and and tech guru's that are proficient in Windows, Mac, Linux, Server and more to help and assist you with all your concerns


Malware Protection

PC with missing, degenerate, or obsolete Drivers. Automatically Download Drivers. Drivers for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP and Vista


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Founded in 2009, Free Technical Support is a free website designed to help and motivate people from all parts of the world. Kindly post your inquiry just a single time and wait for 24 hours. In case your concerns are not addressed you can email us again with the details of your last mail.  When composing your inquiry, it would be ideal if you be as specific as could be to help us understand your problem better. You can even share relevant screen shot or video of the matter concerned. Make certain to incorporate your working framework (Windows 10, Windows 7, and so on). 

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