Best Apple Watch Apps

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Best apple watch apps

Applications have made an exponential influence in our lives beginning the 21st century. They have changed the way we think, learn, manage and entertain ourselves. With the launch of Apple Watches in 2015, it soon became the leader in wearable brands worldwide. Users were now able to monitor their day to day activities, keep a check on their fitness, control their sleeping patterns, organize their hectic schedule and even pay digitally using their watches.  These smart watches turned out to be a boon and are now considered as an integral segment of the consumer electronics industry.

Best Apple Watch Apps Ever

To support and enhance the usage of these smart watches various developers and organizations have come up with applications that have simplified our lifestyle even more.  These apps are promising, utilitarian, and economical as well as bring out the best from the high tech smart watches.

In today’s blog, we would be discussing about some of the best apple watch apps ever made and are available on the Apple store. These apps are promising, efficient, trustworthy and willing to solve the purpose. Based on your specifics we have sorted the applications for your ease. So without any further ado, let us begin.

Fitness & Sports

Strava app for fitness & sports

The most recommended fitness and sports app for apple watch users is Strava. The users are provided with multiple activities to choose from within the app(Run, Ride, Walk, Hike, Canoe, E-bike ride, Handcycle, Row, Snowboard, Rock climb, Kayak, Kitesurf, Skate, Velomobile ride, etc.)

The routes features can be used to predefine your course and this application will guide you while you are running.

Once you have selected your sport, tap the start button and begin with your activity. Strava also has an inbuilt tracker to track the location of a person wearing the apple watch. Although the basic application is completely free to use, you can purchase the premium features ($5.00/month billed annually) to get a more comprehensive data analytics and to track and customize your training goals effectively.

School and College Students

iStudiez Pro for ‬School and college students

iStudiez Pro Legendary Planne‪r is so far the best Apple watch application for school and college students. With an impressive amount of features bundled within the app, you will never miss any academic event in your life. You can manage your class times, assignments, and exams while balancing with your extracurricular activities (hobbies, household chores, etc.)

iStudiez provides advance notifications for upcoming assignments to help you get prepared. You are also provided with your current day and next day activities along with an option to switch between grid and list views.

Students are also provided with a GPA tracker and calendar integration with their iPhones. Premium version allows you to store and synchronize your data with the cloud. All in all, iStudiez is an ideal choice for high school, college and university students to help them track their daily activities and plan them well ahead.


Autosleep app for Sleep tracking

AutoSleep is the most popular sleep monitoring and tracking application for Apple watch users. The updated application comes with alerts for any heart rate variability useful for people suffering with sleep apnea.

Besides the standard features that calculates the number of hours you slept, you can also analyze the quality of your sleep and how much restless you were during the night.

It also checks keeps a check on the heart rate to calculate the amount of deep sleep you are getting. Based on all the analysis the app provides a sleeping score along with a weekly average to compare.


Fantastical calendar app for nurses

An award winning application that serves as a calendar and a to-do app, Fantastical for Apple watch is definitely a must install app for nurses and doctors. With features like natural language parsing, customized complication sizes, event trackers, and appointments; Fantastical has become the most attribute-rich planning and organizing app ideal for nurses and doctors with heavy workloads.

It is integrated with Siri watch face as well as your mobile device. The user is provided with rich notifications on the Apple Watch and a countdown timer for upcoming events. These events can be edited / deleted right from the watch itself. You can also add new events from within the app.

Fantastical supports iCloud, Google, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, Aol and is completely free to use on single Apple device.


Pennies app for Moms

Pennies app lets busy mom keep a track of spending and save money by managing the finances. With features like daily and weekly budget, this amazing application regulates your daily spending and provides a daily financial health status.

It comes bundled with many features including but not limited to weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, twice-monthly, and custom financial planning. The interface is quite simple and minimalistic. It does not require detailed input to get started; just the daily expenses in numbers and you are good to go!

You also have an option to create different budgets depending on the nature of activity. Along with this, you get an option to re-edit your previous expenses in case it was missed.


Things 3 for productivity

Look no further beyond Things 3 if you are looking to increase your productivity and organize your day to day activities. It provides a wide range of features to plan your day, manage your events, and keep a track of your goals.

What’s more? The all new delightful user interface is efficient yet minimalistic.

Priced at $9.99(US), Things 3 allows you to add notes, tags, set reminders, schedulers, and create to-do list for your upcoming time sensitive projects. The home screen displays your work progress and remaining tasks of the day. You can also sync your events with other devices and add new events using Siri (dictation).


Zones running app

Zones is a free application software for Apple watches particularly made for users who are keen on monitoring their heart rate while running. It also shares the detailed report of the time spent in a particular heart rate zone.

It supports more than 70 types of workouts and synchronizes with your Apple health app.

To solve different purposes of running, Zones has subdivided its intensity to 4 levels. These are: Peak (To improve performance), Cardio (To improve endurance), Fat Burn (Consumes more body fat), and Warm Up (For starters).


Hole19 Golf App for Apple Watch

Hole19 is the best free recommended app for golfers of any skill level. It has more than 43,000 golf courses available across 200 countries and is completely compatible with your Apple watch. You can also request for new additions by sending a request to customer care team.

This application can be used both online or offline to keep a track of your golf score. It also provides Stableford and Stroke play scoring systems.

The accuracy of Hole19 is astounding allowing you to measure the shot distance to the front, back and center of the green. You can also share your progress with the golfing community from within the app!


Air Matter‪s Health App for Apple Watches

For health conscious users, Air Matter‪s provides a real time update on air quality information (AQI) for your current location. In addition, users also get important customized information regarding any specific allergens or pollen grains.

You get hourly weather updates, key statistics and information regarding particulate matters based on severity (O3, PM10, NO2, PM2.5, Grasses, Muqwort).

Air Matters is completely free to use application ($0.99 USD per year for premium version) and connects effortlessly with your Philips air purifier to provide real time indoor air quality as well.


ElderCheck Apple Watch App for Senior Citizens

ElderCheck No‪w is an amazing free apple watch application for senior citizens and their care takers. The care taker can constantly monitor the activities of seniors by raising a check-in request. In response to the request, the elder needs to respond by tapping I’m Okay button. The app delivers the information along with the current heart beat and a live location of the responder.

The app is personalized for elders with minimalistic features making it very easy to use and communicate. The display colors can also be customized to match with the vision of the users.

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Skiing App for Apple Watch

Gets the best ski tracking experience from your Apple watch using Slopes. Completely compatible with Apple health app, it records your activity in real time and stores it for your review. You do not need an active internet connection or even a mobile reception for this app to work.

Slopes can even detect a fall; certainly a most common thing among skiers and snowboarders. You can save photos, record your ski duration, check for the calories burnt and even communicate with Siri.

Just press record and let the app do all the work for you.


Swimming App for Apple Watch

With more than 1000 workouts to choose from, is the most ideal application for swimmers to track their activities. It records your swim automatically and provides an advanced statistics based on your workout. detects stroke type, stroke count and even provides a drill mode to track your kick. It uses Apple Health kit to export your events and activities which can then be synchronized with your workout app.

The library has unlimited workouts and styles to choose from, you can also customize and create your own workout as per your goals. This free application allows you to track your activities on daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Stock Master Apple Watch Application for Stocks & Trades

Stock Master is a great app for stock users, traders, and chartists to keep a track of real time stock market. You can access the business and market news, as well as the commodities and foreign exchanges right from your apple watch.

Watch list includes Dow Jones, S&P, ETFs and Penny stocks whereas exchange includes NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, TSX, ASX, LSE, NSE, NZX, and Bitcoin. You can manage, analyze and even export the portfolios in multiple formats.

All in all a great application that is completely free to use.


SimpleCommand‪s‬ Apple watch app for developers

To make developers life easier, SimpleCommands allows you connect your Apple watch with other devices like LIFX and TP-Link, WIFI thermostats like Nest Labs and via Wink smart home hubs. It is also useful in automating your home devices (garage door, alarms, heaters, etc.) when connected with the internet.

The most noteworthy feature of this application is Geotrigger, which upon enabling will automate the lights depending on your location.

Although the endless features of this free application are astounding, but what makes this app more promising is the list of upcoming features soon going to be a part of it. What is more to ask?


ETA Driving App for Apple Watch

Instantly view the travel time, traffic update and driving directions with the help of ETA Traffic Alert application. Right from your watch you can now share your time of arrival with your friends and family to keep them updated.

It is really simple to use and is completely compatible with your inbuilt Apple Maps or Google Maps. Additionally, it is less cumbersome and has an elegant design that does not distract you from driving.

Priced at $4.99 (US), ETA also offers information related to public transports (buses & transits) along with their routes & stoppages.


BabyTime App for Dads

Being a dad can be overwhelming. Luckily Apple has come up with a really interesting app to relieve the pressure and to make life lot easier for tech savvy dads. BabyTime app for Apple watch users records and tracks all aspects of your chores in a stylish way. You will get an alert depending on your schedule (nursing, feeding, sleep, diaper change or a doctor’s appointment).

You can even store all your special moments with your kid, achievements and growth progress inside the app. It also allows you to customize the charts (weekly, monthly and yearly) to track the activities of your baby.


Watchsmith Face App for Apple watch

Create custom Apple watch faces using Watchsmit‪h app. With endless features to customize and create complications, it is the next generation app for Apple lovers, that too completely free of charge!

User can customize the app as per their schedule to display weather updates in the morning, to-do list post breakfast, shopping list in the evening followed by an alert to go for a walk. It serves as an all in one app for someone with a busy and a hectic schedule. It can also integrate with the Apple Health to provide you with your daily workout routine, heart rate and fitness level.


Apple Watch Messenger App for Friends

Another delightful addition for Apple users is an app called Messenger. This delightful application supports unlimited text, voice, video and group chat for your friends. You can change the themes as per your choice and customize your reactions from wide range of emojis provided by the app.

Another brilliant feature that is quite helpful is the ‘vanish mode’. Upon enabling your messages disappear once you have closed the application (Quite useful for a secret talk!).

You can host up to 50 people in a group chat. That’s not all; you can even communicate with your friends from Instagram directly from Messenger.


Focus: Time Managemen‪t Apple Watch App

Focus is the all-time best time manager app available in the store for apple watch users. The overall look is professional and sophisticated to help you concentrate more efficiently.

The app consists of 4 brief sessions of 25 minutes each. Within each session the user is allowed to take a break of 5 minutes, post completing the entire session you get a break for 25 minutes. These sessions comes as a basic and can be customized as per your needs and plans.

User is provided with a daily, weekly and monthly statistic to analyze his efficiency. These motivating insights push the user to focus more without getting distracted.


Stratus Insight EF‪B‬ Apple Watch App for Flying

One of the most competent aviation application used by pilots is Stratus Insight by Aerovie. It is not just an app but a complete electronic flight bag (EFB) suite for pilots that include AHRS, TAWS, VFR sectional map and Geo-referencing. It offers constant weather updates on radar for your changing location, flight timing schedule, information regarding your health (when paired with Apple Health) and reports about the upcoming airport.

When synchronized with Stratus audio cable, you receive radio transcriptions just like any other voice mails. The important communication received from ATC is also transcribed in to text and displayed on your Apple watch.


Gymaholic Workout Tracke‪r for Apple Watches

Gymaholic Workout Tracke‪r provides a wide range of workout and exercise plans for all body types. Initially all the details needs to be provided like height, weight, gender, BMI and based on these inputs you will receive valuable insights that help you with your workout. You can also set your avatar and customize it as per your personality. You get a virtual coach who guides and motivates to focus on every muscle of your body.

It has more than 25 features that support your Apple watch. More than 600 exercises to choose from and 3-D animated tutorial to guide you with your exercises. What’s more to ask from a free app!


Peak Apple Watch App for Guys

Challenging friends on Peak is a latest trend among guys that is fun yet helpful in improving mental skills. With more than 45 rewarding games the app is nothing but a daily workout for your brain.

You can join the Peak community and challenge people to beat your score. This versatile and free app promises to hone your skills, improve coordination, boost your mental agility and polish your problem solving capabilities by providing data oriented results.


AllTrails Apple Watch App for Hiking

With over 100,000 trails and routes, AllTrails is your best hiking guide. The GPS is manually created by hiking community from all over the world. You also get the chance to explore unseen trails and photos shared by fellow hikers from your community. Moreover, you can also filter your trails by selecting special routes that are dog friendly, kid friendly or wheel chair friendly.

The basic features that come bundled along with the application is completely free, however you can choose the premium version in case you need to download offline maps and receive direction related notifications.

Heart Rate

Cardiogram App for Apple Watch to monitor heart rate

Did you know that a normal heart beats over 102,000 times per day? This beat rate can be abrupt depending upon your health, sleep, fitness or stress level. To monitor the heart beat Cardiogram Inc. has launched an amazing heart rate tracking app called as Cardiogram.

The most noteworthy feature of this application is to monitor any atrial fibrillation (AFib), or an irregular heartbeat (one of the primary causes of stroke). The app notifies the user for any irregularities and keeps a check on POTS symptoms. It also takes into account the nature of sleep and displaying a weekly report of a good night’s sleep. You also get an ECG graph highlighting irregularities (if any).


Keelo Apple Watch App for HIIT

Keelo is a great app available on Apple store for any kind of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Whether you are into heavy lifting, strength building, or long distance running; the app combines your goal into a single workout plan that is ideal for you.

You can improve and develop your endurance, strength and nervous system by following the workout plan and through detailed analysis of the compiled statistics. Its AI has been developed to focus on every body part simultaneously to give you the most out of a single workout.


Gaia GPS for Hunters

Gaia GPS is a widely used app among Hunters that helps to navigate, explore and track any specific route during hunting. Designed and developed by hunting lovers, this app has become one of the top most preferred applications by hunters from all over the world. It provides real time information regarding the ownership of the land along with data of state wise hunting units.

The free application includes all the features and three set of maps. In order to access complete list of maps that can be downloaded offline you may need to purchase the premium version priced at $39.99/year.

Losing Weight

Foodvisor apple watch app for loosing weight

The best way to lose weight is by keeping an eye on your food intake. Foodvisor calorie counter app is the ultimate nutrition tracker available free of cost on Apple store that solves the purpose. All you need is to upload a snapshot of your meal and the app displays the list of calories and nutrition you are getting from your plate.

Based on your weight and body mass index, the app displays the number of calorie intake ideal for your body along with the number of workout hours you need to put for a balanced life. It also provides a diet chart and healthy recipes to include in your meals.


Calm Apple watch app for Anxiety and ADHD

One of the common problems that cause anxiety related disorders are related to sleeping patterns and incorrect relaxation techniques. Calm app, an award winning application has helped millions of apple watch users to reduce stress and get a proper night’s sleep.

The application calms down the anxiety level by providing guided meditation sessions ranging from 3 minutes to 25. It also includes beautiful bedtime stories both for adults as well as kids helpful in getting deep & peaceful sleep.

For stress or ADHD related problems the application has covered several mindfulness topics useful in calming down the agitated brain or during hyper activity (Relationships, Self-Esteem, Focus, Gratitude, Happiness and a lot more).


NikeRunClub Apple Watch App for Athletes

Nike Run Clu‪b is a perfect and a standout partner built and designed exclusively for Athletes. It has all the features you will ever need to guide you in your routine and that too completely free of charge. An inbuilt coach that assists motivates and inspires you during your run by providing audio guided support, GPS assisted routes, distance covered along with a split up in miles, elevation of the run, and even your heart rate.

For every milestone you achieve, the app provides badges and trophies to keep you inspired. You can share your achievements with your friends and compete on the leader board of Nike community. The app synchronizes effectively with the Apple Health to provide you with real time statistics of your daily, weekly and monthly workout statistics.


Behance Apple Watch App for Artists

Get all your notifications and messages directly on your Apple Watch by using Behance application developed by Adobe Inc. You can create everything including graphics, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, motion pictures and print using Behance and showcase it to the world. You even get genuine feedbacks from Behance community that serves as an inspiration to keep going.

It is a completely free to use application and the premium plan costs as low as $9.99 per month. Additionally, it lets you control your presentation via airplay directly from your watch. You get daily statistic reports on the number of visitors, appreciations and followers of your work for an in depth analysis.


Dark Sky Complications App for Apple Watch

Dark Sky App has an extra-large watch complication that offers hyperlocal weather updates and real-time forecasts. It provides you hourly updates based on your location right on your Apple wrist watch. You can customize the radar as per your needs to display the storm path and its direction.

Dark sky widget displays all the information on the screen like temperature, wind, precipitation in a beautiful and elegant way. With just $3.99 you can enhance the look of your watch by using this amazing complication.


Microsoft Outlook Email App for Apple watch

Microsoft Outlook is an amazing application for Apple watch users that allows you to take a look at your calendar and inbox with just a swipe. You can respond to all your emails via voice dictation feature, book appointments, and plan your entire day.

The features presented by outlook for Apple watches are almost similar to the ones present in iPhones. Primary or important emails come within a focused section to let you focus on important threads. Schedule, delete and archive messages by just swiping through your watch. You can view or attach any file directly from Onedrive or Dropbox without using your phone. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple store; however a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscription starts from $6.99 a month.

Reminders Reminder app for Apple Watch is a free application to organize your tasks and plan your day well in advance. synchronizes effortlessly with your iPhone, Mac and iPad to provide a compiled list of to-do activities directly on your Apple watch.

You can quickly add voice notes with your watch and view the entire upcoming weekly and monthly events right on your home screen.

Some of the unique features include: drag and drop of tasks, swipe to mark as complete, hand gestures to remove the entire list, project management tool, scheduled reminders with notification and deadline.


RowingCoach Apple watch app for Rowing

Apple’s built in application do not provide any statistics when it comes to rowing. Luckily, Rowing Coach 4.‪0 provides an extensive data in a minimalistic way to log your workouts and capture your rowing sessions. It captures both indoor and outdoor sessions on a real time basis.

Priced at just $7.99, RowingCoach allows you to record time, distance and speed along with your stroke rate, length and power. These analyses are estimated using GPS to provide you an accurate result. It also integrates with your Health app to compile and calculate overall activities performed during the day including heart rate and calories burnt.


Tesla App for Apple Watches

Apple Watch App for Tesl‪a developed by Kim Hansen is a convenient wrist watch app designed for Tesla vehicles (all models). You can now open your trunk or frunk, switch on the seat warmers, vent your windows, unlock your ports, enable sentry and switch on the flash lights right from your wrist watch itself!

To add to this, you also get a battery indicator showcasing the charge left in your Tesla. You can even locate your car in a crowded parking space by turning on the location from your wrist watch. These absolutely unbelievable features come as a standard in this app and costs only $9.99 as a onetime purchase fee.

Essential App for Apple Watch Series 5

StepDog App for Apple Watch Series 5

A virtual pet that encourages to exercise; StepDog is a new generation app for Apple watch series 5 that is child friendly and ideal for young users. Just like you need to take your dog out for a walk, the app serves as a virtual dog and reminds the wearer to take a walk outside.

User can check the number of steps he walked outside using the widget or face from his smart watch. There are multiple breed options to keep it interesting and the premium version also displays weather and morning forecasts.

There are multiple premium packs available for you to choose from; Premium pack is priced at $0.99, Wide assortment of dog breeds is priced at $1.99 and Accessories for your dogs can be bought at $1.99.

Recommended App for Apple Watch Series 6

JustPressRecord App for Apple Watch Series 6

Just like call recording apps available for iPhone, Just Press Record is an outstanding app to record conversations directly from your smart watch. All you need to initiate the recording is press ‘Start’, once you are done you can select ‘Stop’ and the audio notes are saved in the cloud. These audio notes can be played backwards or forwards, it also comes with an option to adjust the playback speed. What’s more? The app also comes along with complication to help you launch the recorder automatically!

You can capture the important voice notes in an instant with one tap recording feature or with the help of Siri. You can even transcribe the audio notes in any desired language (Supports more than 30 languages).

Priced at just $4.99, the recording time comes with unlimited bandwidth! There is also an option to record discreetly by allowing app to operate in the background.

Apple Watch App without iPhone

MiniWiki App for Apple Watch

Tired of keeping your iPhone with you all the time? This all new amazing application works without your iPhone with the help of LTE. MiniWiki lets you browse Wikipedia directly from your Apple watch even without your iPhone.

You can browse through more than 40 million wiki articles using voice commands. The app also provides location based results by fetching your current location and highlighting noteworthy places around you. You can bookmark and download your favorite piece of article, switch between multiple languages, and sort the list by most read articles.

The recent update has brought in some new amazing features; ‘Random’ button that shuffles and showcases a unique article to provide you with something new to read, ‘language picker’ that displays the article in your chosen language independent of Apple watch language, and a ‘Tip’ that shows random facts in an animated form.


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