Best Apps for Photo Editing

The Need for Photo Editing

A photo editing app is application software intended to alter pictures on a cell phone or on a computer. For a business, this implies you can make an extraordinary pictorial methodology, showing your items in an expert way.

Photography is not just a hobby but a passion and sole source of income for many. Often times the moment captured by the photographer may not look pretty as it should be due to improper lightning, fog or other external factors.
All the hard work and efforts invested while capturing the image may prove insignificant if desired results are not achieved.  Thus making it really important for a photographer to deliver absolutely stunning outcomes. Although it is a difficult task, but the advancement in technology and improved software in the applications have made image editing somewhat less worry some.

Choosing the Right Application

Choosing the right photo editing tool is really important if you want to stand out in your business.  Investments made while capturing will not really matter if the end result does not satisfy your client. The photographer should have experience and knowledge while capturing the photographs as well as while editing them.

Learning the art of editing requires a lot of time and adjustments. You may be used to editing on a particular application software but often times it occurs that it lacks some basic tools that are really important aspect of editing. For some basic editing tools might be the adjustments of hue, color and saturation, while for others basic tools include tilt, dehaze, beautification. Thus depending upon the requirement we have tried and tested several image editing software and highlighted the top 10 that fits all the purpose.

Top 10 Best Apps for Photo Editing

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

Available on iOS and Android | Free

VSCO photo editing app

Number 1 in our list of best apps for photo editing is VSCO.

VSCO formerly known as VSCO Cam is a mobile application that offers creative and inspiring photo editing.

Post installation the application will ask you to subscribe for paid version, you can subscribe for the premium version or continue to use the free version.

VSCO Premium photo editing app

Photo Editing: It has 10 pre-sets that alter the saturation and color of the photographs. Take your photography to the following level with 10 free VSCO presets (B1, B5, C1, F2, G3, M3, M5, P5, T1, X1).

VSCO Filters

Import and edit your raw photographs. This is a free app but the full membership to the community includes 200+ presets.

VSCO is an extraordinary editing app as compared to other photograph editing applications available in the Apple or Android Store. It is also a photograph sharing application. VSCO highlights an astounding 3-in-1 camera, social sharing, and iPhone photograph application.

VSCO Community

VSCO has a devoted community of photographers which you will not find anywhere else. Besides this, the premium version of VSCO application has tools required for professional photographers to edit their images. VSCO Kodachrome, a film emulation preset recreates the image with a vintage touch. Advanced media editing tools such as custom border coloring option, video effects, and a complete set of classic presets are also provided in the paid plan.

Still thinking why this application is rated number 1 in our list? VSCO consistently brings new features and updates for all their users (free & premium). 

VSCO Preset Aesthetic Series
VSCO Preset Hypebeast x

Adobe Photoshop Express

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best Apps for Photo Editing Adobe PhotoShop Express

Photoshop Express is a quick and simple photograph editor utilized by a many innovative and creative photographers. You can edit the images like a professional just by few simple clicks.

Photoshop Express conveys a full range of effects and features like collages, image enhancement, color and saturation, personalizing borders and texts and a lot more. Before exporting the image, the user has an option to add watermark or his personal copyright stamp.

Before you can use Adobe Photoshop Express, you will need to create an Adobe ID which is completely free but mandatory to use this application. You can also login through Gmail or Facebook ID if you do not wish to create Adobe ID.

Let us take a look at the primary features of this amazing photo editing application.

Adobe Photo Shop Collage Feature

Collage: Stitching Creativity

You can combine multiple images to create one single classic collage. There are many presets to choose from which gives user an extra advantage in terms of choice.

Adobe Photo Shop Blend Effects

Blend Effect Filters

Adobe Photo Shop offers creative textures and overlays to blend your photographs

Adobe Photo Shop Dehaze Filter

Haze & Fog Remover

Dehaze filter removes the fog and haze from your photograph and is available under corrections slider in adjustment tool.

Adobe Photo Shop Noise Effects

Noise Removal Tool

Using the Luminance Noise feature you can make your dark photographs look great! What's more? Even the grainy images can be enhanced using this application.

Adobe Photo Shop Auto correct image

Perspective Tool

Very few applications have this feature. It changes the perspective look of the image by correcting its angle.

Adobe Photo Shop Split Tone Feature

Split Tone

You will love this feature if you are an active user of Instagram. You can change the tone of your images by using the color tint feature available under highlights and shadows.


Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best apps for photo editing Snapseed

Probably the best photo editing app in the list, Google’s Snapseed matches with all the expectations of a photo editor. It is very light which makes it really fast and easy to install. The interface is real quick. You can switch between the styles without experiencing any lag. And the best part; it has all the features required by any intermediate editor.

Snapseed photo editing application accompanies a scope of preset tools. Nonetheless, dissimilar to most applications, you can alter these channels and even make your own out of your imagination. It additionally has the advanced set of tools like editing, cropping, outlines, vignettes, and lot more. There’s additionally a “Selective Adjust” tool to select a defined area for editing in the image.

Snapseed Presets
Snapseed Filters

There are 28 free tools and 11 styles that can be used to edit your image. The exported image can be saved on your mobile or can be shared directly on any social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram).

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Best apps for photo editing - Adobe Photoshop Fix

Another brilliant photo editing application from Adobe if you are looking for something that gives more than just filters and effects to your images. A professional touch can be given to the image just by a few clicks on this amazing application starting from highlights and colors to shadows and depth.

Adobe Photoshop Fix Filter 1
Before Editing
Adobe Photoshop Fix Filter 2
After Editing

Take a look at the above photograph where the smile has been edited with just few clicks. We suggest Adobe Photoshop Fix to remove undesired aspects in the image.

So what makes Adobe Photoshop Fix different from rest of the applications? 

It has “Liquify” filter that helps in changing the mood of any portrait image just like we displayed in the image above.

Adobe Photoshop Fix Liquify Filter
Liquify Filter: Adobe Photoshop Fix

These circles upon clicking can help change the size, orientation, and the tone making it a complete professional tool for photo editing. 

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Available on iOS and Android | Free

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

This is a mobile application extracted from the famous desktop software provided by Adobe. All the professional editing tools such as light, detail, color, distortion, and grain are provided, plus a large image size (Raw image) can also be inserted in this app directly for editing. If you are a beginner or new with adobe, you may find this application a little tricky initially. We recommend using Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor only to those who have previously used Adobe Photoshop, if you are not one of those we recommend you start with Snapseed.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor Optics Filter
Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor: Optics Filter

The main reason this application is listed under top photo editing applications is due to the “Optics” feature. The optics feature helps to remove chromatic aberration sometimes required by professional photographers.


Available on iOS and Android | Free


If you’re taking photographs, Instagram is the spot to share them.

Instagram is the third largest social networking site after Facebook & YouTube and has more than 1 billion active users. This app has all the fundamental photo editing tools you may require, including filters, overlays, texts, etc. The special Instagram bio feature lets you customize your profile making it a perfect spot to display your work to the world.

Instagram Style Filter
Instagram Style Filter
Instagram Edit Filter
Instagram Edit Filter

If your sole purpose is to share images on Instagram, then this inbuilt application has all the basic editing features that are required for editing. There are presently 23 Style filters and 13 Editing filters available on Instagram application. These styles and filters are updated constantly to keep up with the growing user segment.

Instasize Photo Editor

Available on iOS and Android | FREE


Among the best apps for photo editing, Instasize is the closest companion of photographers. With endless features it is often known as the all in one photo editing app.

Accessible on both iOS and Android, the application comes outfitted with vigorous filters to choose from, resizing alternatives, frames, auto touch-up, text editing and more.

Instasize is anything but difficult to manage. Regardless of whether you’re a learner or a hard core professional – editing is just a click away.

This application comes both as a free version and premium version. The free version contains all the necessary filters that are required for basic editing, but still if you are willing to switch to the premium version, it is best to go for VSCO or Adobe.


Available on iOS and Android | FREE


Available on iOS and Android, Pixlr is one of the most well-known free photo editing applications and has a wide range of features to portray engaging images. Pixlr Editor is chosen among the best apps for photo editing as it offers a ton of highlights, layers and shading tools.

Pixlr Pre Designed Templates
Pixlr Pre Designed Templates
Pixlr Pre Designed Effects
Pixlr Pre Designed Effects

Moreover, the application offers pre designed effect packs that can be directly embedded into the images to make it professional.

Pixlr Tools
Pixlr Tools
Pixlr Brushes
Pixlr Brushes
Pixlr Text Filter
Pixlr Text Filter

Pixlr has 12 unique editing tools, 4 different types of brushes (brightness, darkness, pixelate, and doodle), and a very attractive text filter to add caption on your image.


Available on iOS and Android | Free


Very popular among women, this free photo editing tool lets you retouch your portrait photos within seconds. You can beautify your image, increase or decrease the skin tone, brighten the face, whiten the teeth, apply eye shadows or lipsticks and the list goes on.

Before Editing
Best apps for photo editing Visage Face Retouch
Visage Face Retouch
Best apps for photo editing Visage Face Effect
Visage Face Effect

Basically it is a general purpose application that is a hit among all. Thus ranking number 9 in our list of best apps for photo editing!

Camera+ Legacy

Available for iOS | PAID

Camera+ Legacy

Most common among the iPhone users, this application is the best photo editing apps available in Apple store making it the 10th best apps for photo editing in this list. It has a built in image stabilizer, tone adjustment tools, red eye remover tool, white balance modifier and many other impressive features and capabilities. Besides you can share the edited images directly on Facebook and Twitter.

Summary: Best Photo Editing Apps for Android & iPhone users

To summarize our findings, we are sharing the list of best applications for photo editing below for a quick glance.

  1. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express
  3. Snapseed
  4. Adobe Photoshop Fix
  5. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
  6. Instagram
  7. Instasize Photo Editor
  8. Pixlr
  9. Visage
  10. Camera+ Legacy
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