Best Online Jobs for College Students

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Best online jobs for college students in 2021

How to make money online as a students is one question that is never easy to answer. From college education and extracurricular activities, to going out with friends and enjoying, a college student needs some extra cash to meet these requirements. Today we are going to show all the available opportunities that a college student can grasp to generate a side income.

Working part time while studying in college is a decent way to counterbalance the significant expenses. However, there is no denying that it may be difficult to get a nice paying job that keeps the balance between your studies. Keeping these things in mind, you need to look for an opportunity that is flexible with your working hours yet high paying. Let us look at some of the best online jobs for college students that are high paying.

Freelance Writer

One of the best online jobs for college students is freelance writing; someone getting paid for writing content for multiple clients. Freelance writer are also called content writer, blogger, professional writer and SEO writer. All things said, if you can produce quality content specific to a niche segment, then this job is for you.

So how do you actually become a Freelance writer? The answer is simple. You need to start writing for yourself. Take some time from your schedule and build your portfolio, a web page for example, which describes the services you can offer.

Freelance Writer - Best online jobs for college students
Freelance Writer on Fiverr

You can also start by posting your gigs on sites like Fiverr with a very competitive bid price at start. After building a strong profile with reviews and recommendations from clients you can charge as per your service. Another way is by writing quality content on HubPages and signing up with their monetization program.  Ads that are displayed over your content generate some revenue that is shared between you and HubPages.

Freelance Editor

A Freelance editor proof reads and edits wide range of articles for magazines, journals and businesses.  This job is similar to Freelance writer, only difference is that you have an option to work on contractual basis or pay per project basis depending upon your style.

Freelance Editor on Contently - online jobs for college students
Freelance Editor on Contently

To begin your career as a Freelance editor, you need to have a portfolio of your services offered along with some sample work. A great way to do that is by joining Contently, a free platform where you can interact with multiple brands and discuss high quality projects.

Graphic Designer

Become a graphic designer by creating simple logos for brands, to designing brochures and covers for an institute. If you are familiar with Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw application, this niche is perfect for you. There are no specific job requirements to become a graphic designer, yet you need to a skillful to become a graphic designer. A basic graphic design course can be learnt in 5 weeks, while a professional course may take months. You can post your gigs on websites like Upwork where clients hire professional for job work.

Web Developer

Having a technical background has its pros. If you are among one of them then becoming a web developer will not be as difficult as it may look. There are many small businesses and owners who want a website for their business; they often look for third party companies that can perform this task on contract. Becoming a web developer and helping these businesses out can help you earn a lot of passive income just by sitting at home.

What if you do not have a technical background? There are many platforms like WordPress and Wix, where you can build websites without using any coding. These platforms also offers pre built themes that can be installed and activated within minutes. Mainly there are three types of web developers:

Front end web developer: Front end developers are responsible for website layout, themes, menus, and all other related things that are visible while accessing a website.

Back end web developer: Backend developer usually deals with the server applications, databases, email configuration that are required for proper functioning of the website.

Full stack web developer: These types of developers are usually responsible for everything, from hosting to building and managing websites. Truth be told, business owners are usually looking for full stack developers that can single headedly manage their whole online business.

Voiceover Work

This is by far the simplest online job for a college student with no experience. A voice over artists is required by various businesses for illustrations, guidance or off-stage commentary. Different businesses have different requirement for voice over work, depending upon the nature of job you can charge per hour or per project. An average voice over artist can earn around $25 to $45 initially depending upon the business niche and nature of work.

Voice Over Gigs - online jobs for college students
Voice Over Gigs

Video Editing

Video editing is the most important form of content found over the internet. More than 80% of the websites found over the web have video content to improve their web presence. It is also required to improve search engine visibility as the content with video is understood better by the users. This has made video editing an integral part of branding and business optimization. A beginner can earn up to $20-$50 depending upon his skills and job work. Free courses for video editing are available all over the internet. Applications like Adobe Premiere and Corel VideoStudio have made it extremely simple to learn and edit videos. If you are a beginner, try Movavi Video Suite to learn and edit videos initially before trying advanced applications with professional features.


A translator is an important part of a business, and is responsible to bridge the linguistic barrier with its customers. This type of job requires you to be a bilingual. If you can read and write any foreign language and translate it into English, you can make good money while studying in college as well. The average earnings of a translator is around $20/Hour, but depending upon your skills, expertise and language you can earn up to $60/Hour.

The most common languages that provide high earnings are German, French, Spanish and Mandarin. The American High-Tech Transcription and Reporting Incorporation are always looking for good translators; they usually post about their contractual job opportunities here. If you are a bilingual and are thinking about becoming a part time translator, this is a brilliant opportunity.

Social Media Marketing

Every good business has an online presence over social media. Yet, many are still struggling to become an active influencer of their own brand. This type of business strategy requires social media influencers to spread a word about their brand, product or service to a large customer base. This is gaining popularity with new and emerging businesses as well who look for third party organization or social media manager to promote their business. If you are an active user of social media like Facebook or Instagram with a large fan following, you can either become an influencer from your account or a direct social media manager to boost their social profiles.

UpWork : Online job for college students

UpWork provides social media manager to small and big businesses with a small commission in between. For starters, quote somewhere around $20/Hour till you have gained some recommendations and reviews from your clients. Experienced social media managers can quote around 100$/Hour for basic consultation!

Start a Niche Site

A brilliant way to start your own business from the comfort of your bedroom is through blogging. The path to successful blogging is long and requires a lot of hard work. There are various ways you can monetize your blog, if done correctly can provide an active stream of earnings!

Platforms like WordPress have made it really simple for bloggers to design and publish content with zero external support. Identify your niche, research on the keywords with matching affiliate products, and you are all set to go. Outdoor gears, Pets, Home Gym Equipment are few niche website ideas to choose from. You can think about your interests, analyze the competition, and start working on publishing quality content that benefits the readers.

Teaching Foreign Language

Bilingual or not, you can start teaching English to non-native English-speakers. Let’s accept the fact that teaching in itself is rewarding. With a little effort on making the courses interactive and interesting you can generate a continuous passive income stream.

In the event you are a bilingual, you have the opportunity to take this up as a professional full time job as well. You can work in wide range of business organizations, including business language schools, schools and institutions of higher education in UK & USA. By doing this, you are helping those in need and in turn building up your own successful career.

Online jobs for college students with no experience

Are you a college student with little to no experience but still want a job? If yes, then you have come to a correct place. Today we are going to share the best online job opportunities for undergraduate students that are flexible yet provide high earnings.

When you are in college, finding an ideal source of passive income can be difficult. You need an opportunity that can go along with your college and does not interfere with your studies and other extracurricular activities. Fortunately with emerging technologies and business concepts, work from home jobs are not that difficult to find. All you need is to have an open mind and a broad horizon.

There are numerous opportunities knocking at your door, you just have to realize which one suits you the best. Take a look at some of the popular online jobs for college students with no experience.

Online Surveys

One of the easiest and best online jobs for college students is to participate in survey sites that pay. Surveys are important for big brands to understand user trend and to understand the market scenario. This job does not require any special skill or knowledge, and is any easy source of income in your spare time.

Websites like Swagbucks provide gift cards and coupons for conducting surveys, polls and quizzes.

The reason online surveys are easy for a college student is because they are already connected with their fellow mates through other social channels, making it easier for them to conduct these sessions.

Another website worth mentioning that performs online survey is InboxDollars. Instead of gift cards and coupons you actually get cash in your account. You can conduct variety of surveys as per your interest that includes Brand recognition surveys, Survey about particular service, Product appeal surveys, etc.


Just like videos, photographs are also an integral part of any business. As per study, more than 80% of the customers find product images to be influential in making a decision. With so many emerging applications to edit raw images and outstanding quality of today’s phone cameras, there is no easy way to get you started. What’s more? This job does not require any kind of investment, skill or qualification. All you need is a passion to grow in this field with a little creativity and who knows, you might take this opportunity as your full time business as well.

Data Entry

With an active internet connection and a desktop or laptop in hand, you are all set to go for this job. A data entry agent is an executive that updates and feeds data into the system. The data can be in the form of paper document or an audio book, and is required as a digital copy in the system.  This is a low paying job and can be done in case you are not looking for any professional business opportunity. The average earnings of a data entry executive vary around $10/Hour with a maximum of $15/Hour. Few companies also offer a fixed amount of pay as per the project, for more details check out the freelance jobs on UpWork.

Start a YouTube Channel

The demand for video content is increasing exponentially, and so is its platform. If you can create an awesome, engaging and entertaining video, becoming a “YouTuber” is the right business for you. Millions of videos are uploaded every single minute on YouTube. Likewise, the number of channels being subscribed every minute is also increasing. The first thing to actually get started is by creating a YouTube business channel. You can create a business channel or run it under your name depending upon the nature of content.

Once you have created a channel and started uploading videos, your channel will start to grow along with the count of subscribers. Join the YouTube Partner Program and enable the monetization feature in your account once you have reached the 1000 subscribers mark. For more details on how to earn money through YouTube check out this awesome tutorial.

Music Composer

Royalty free music is required by almost all travel companies while preparing online brochures or videos. This is a very unique niche idea for any college student who can play any kind of musical instrument.

Royalty free music - Best online job for college students

Companies like audiobuzz are always looking for small music producers that have a talent in composing unique and inspiring music tracks. All you have to do is submit an original music recording. If you are in a band or by any chance have friends that play musical instruments like you, this is your chance to earn a steady passive income.

Work from home jobs for college students

Working from home has its advantages; its saves time and money required in traveling, reduces stress, and increases efficiency. Besides, they break the monotony of a 9 to 5 job.

A college student requires a passive income that helps him through his education. These passive income streams require a lot of nurturing initially, but with time will provide consistent revenue without much effort. Today we are going to discuss few of these several work from home job opportunities that generates side income.

  1. College Counsellor
  2. Online Trading
  3. Virtual Assistant (VA)
  4. Travel Agent
  5. Online Juror

Admission Counsellor

Admission counsellor may work at the high school or college level to counsel undergraduates in their decision making process. Becoming an admission counsellor is easy for most of the college students as they have already gathered knowledge from previous experiences. You can work with the universities or as an independent agency to entertain queries from students and show them the right path. This is a high paying job and may involve communication through phone calls, emails and face to face meetings. On an average, Admission counsellor earns around $20-$60/Hour depending upon his reputation and people skills.

Online Trading

Gone are the days when people had to hire stock brokers to invest in shares. Online trading can be done just from the comfort of your home. What’s more? The age old tradition of transactions conducted via telephone is replaced by online trading system. Companies like Merrill offer a zero balance trading account for beginners to get started.
Trading on Merril
Trading on Merril
Tip: Every business has their pros and cons; same applies to online trading as well. Hard work and patience both support financial success. Do your homework and learn as much as possible before investing your money.

Virtual Assistant

An awesome way to generate income from home is by becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA). They are an online assistant to a company with responsibilities of providing technical or creative assistance.

Virtual Assistant jobs on Freelancer- work from home jobs for college students
Virtual Assistant jobs on

VA’s can be a freelancer or a dedicated employee for 1 or 2 organizations. Typically this task involves scheduling and managing appointments and travel arrangements. The average earnings start from $15/Hour and there are numerous job opportunities available online for beginners. You can also post your Gigs on sites like UpWork, Fiverr and Freelancer for multiple opportunities.

Travel Agent

If you are a type of person that enjoys traveling, loves to visit new destinations, and frequently check for flight rates, you have probably wondered to take this hobby professionally. While there is no denying that we live in the age of TripAdvisor, yet people often reach out to travel agents for personal suggestions and guidance. Especially when planning a perfect honeymoon trip or a private adventure tour with friends.

The best thing about becoming a travel agent is; you do not need a special qualification. Your social media profile is more than sufficient to show your experience.

What’s more? Working as a travel agent is fun and highly rewarding.

Online Juror

Turning into an online Juror is also a work from home job opportunity that is rapidly gaining popularity in US. Although the practice of mock jury is not new, but an online jury that helps legal counsellors and lawyers to practice is a new tradition. Earlier, legal advisors would hire people to act as a jury that would help them for their main trial in front of a judge. The jury would be paid later on per hour basis or depending upon their contract.  

Thanks to the internet, lawyers and organizations can now prepare their mock trial in front of the online jurors. Website like eJury hires jurors that are above 18 years of age and assign them cases as per availability.

Earnings: $10-$35/Hour

Online jobs for college students without investment

With millions of jobs getting outsourced, finding an online job is not that difficult. While working part time at a retail store or gas station might earn you few extra bucks. Yet they do not provide any flexibility of choosing your own working hours. Besides the advantage of working from the comfort of your home are numerous.

Let us take a look at the list of online jobs for college students without investment that are available in the market.

  1. Ecommerce Manager
  2. Proof reader
  3. Transcriptionist
  4. Apps and Websites Tester
  5. Gamer

Ecommerce Manager

Lately, Ecommerce management is in growing demand. Emerging businesses hire third party agencies or freelance professionals who can oversee their online store. If you are familiar with marketing and sales of ecommerce platforms like Amazon, you can post your portfolio on websites like ZipRecruiter or Freelancer. Although a full time ecommerce manager can earn more than $70,000 annually, but requires business, information technology, and marketing experience to apply. Be that as it may, a part time ecommerce manager can earn up to $300/Week. Depending upon the time availability you can consider working for multiple sellers to increase your earnings per hour.

Proof Reader

Another opportunity of online job for college students without investment is Proof Reading.

Magazines, Newspapers, or Journals, they all require their content to be checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and style mistakes. Proof reading will be a real easy task for you if you are a native English speaker.

Manual proof readers can earn around $15/Hour depending upon their experience.

Websites like UpWork frequently post for proof reader jobs with pretty decent earnings. Along these lines, you can also teach people to become a proof reader through various courses and e-books.


Transcription jobs are an incredible opportunity for school and college students, housewives, or even retired professionals. All you have to do is convert audio content into text.

Transcription jobs on TranscribeMe - Online jobs for college students without investment
Transcription jobs on TranscribeMe

You can find your own transcription jobs as a freelancer or you can join an organization that offers a part time job.  As any other industry, transcription job will not pay much at the start, but gradually you can build your own client base to increase your earnings. Besides taking multiple jobs as a freelancer is always a best plan for beginners to increase earnings. TranscribeMe, a transcription company is always looking for fresh talents. Do check it out if you are interested.

Apps and Websites Tester

Website and application testing job is a onetime gig making it ideal for college students as an online job opportunity for quick money. Most commonly, this job requires the tester to check the functionality, user experience and technical glitches. The more complex the test, more earnings you can make through the job.
Website and App Testing jobs on UserTesting
Website and App Testing jobs on UserTesting
Websites like UserTesting pay around $10 for a single test, which takes around 2 to 3 hours to conduct. Try to join as many testing sites as possible to increase your weekly earnings. Similar websites that pay for testing are UTest, Enroll and StartUpLift.


If you are a gamer or love playing games on your laptop or mobile, then you can turn this hobby into a lucrative business. There are many gaming applications (Play Rummy, Second Life) that allows user to exchange their virtual currency into real money. Getting started for this job is easy; all you need is an active internet connection and a gaming device (Laptop / desktop / mobile).  Along these lines, you can start your own gaming blog or channel on YouTube, where you can share tips and tricks for less efficient players. For quick extra cash you can also organize tournaments with small participation fees.


Hope you have gained some wonderful insights after reading this blog post. To summarize and conclude, the best online job for college student is the one that pays you decent and has flexible working hours.

You have your whole life to earn; your first priority for the time being is completing your education. Another important factor to be kept in mind before choosing any online job is the amount of skill and knowledge you gain while working. Working in your field of interest is a better idea even if the average earnings you make is less as compared with other categories.

Lastly, beware of online job spams that lure people into quick money. The only real way to earn money is through hard work and perseverance. Good Luck.


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