Best Survey Sites To Earn Quick Money

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Best survey sites to earn quick money

Marketing and research have become an integral part of product development. It is a common practice between brands and organisations to reach out to survey companies for their analysis on consumer opinion. This in turn results in an improved technology or new product invention that is beneficial to the end users. However, there is an upside to it for the survey takers as well. The polls and opinions raised by the participating members of these sites are all-important and thereby rewarded in the form of cash or vouchers.

By participating in these online surveys, you help the brands in improving the product. You even get a chance to test the free samples provided from the brand to share your opinion. In exchange for your honest reviews you are rewarded payouts that can be redeemed as PayPal money, Visa cards, iTunes gift cards or Amazon vouchers. In fact participating in surveys and polls has become the ideal online job opportunity for college students.

So if you are thinking about making money from these survey sites right from the comfort of your home then keep reading further. In today’s blog post we will be discussing legitimate survey sites that pay you for your opinions along with a comparison of their payout structure, payment cycle and their rewarding method. Let’s take a look at the list:

  1. MyPoints
  2. Branded
  3. LifePoints
  4. Vindale Research
  5. Pinecone Research
  6. Swagbucks
  7. InboxDollars
  8. Toluna
  9. SurveyClub
  10. Opinion Outpost
  11. OneOpinion
  12. Valued Opinions
  13. Nielson Computer and Mobile Panel
  14. American Consumer Opinion
  15. MobileXpression
  16. Prolific
  17. YouGov
  18. PrizeRebel
  19. ClickPerks
  20. Ipsos i-Say Panel

Highest Paying Survey Sites


MyPoints Highest paying survey site

Unlike any other survey sites you may have seen online, MyPoints keeps their promise of paying you the highest by helping them conduct few surveys, taking polls or quizzes and even while you are shopping online! As a welcoming gesture for new members, MyPoints offer a $10 Amazon or a Visa gift card for a shopping of $20 or more through their website.

Your earnings from MyPoints are accumulated as points which can be redeemed for $3 gift card by cashing in 480 points, or you can wait till you reach 15,800 points to redeem a $500 gift card. Apart from Amazon or Visa gift card, you have the option to receive the amount in your PayPal account.

In case you are not much into surveys and quizzes, MyPoint also pays you for watching videos, playing games, and booking travel accommodations. The only drawback of this amazing site is its geographical limitation with respect to the service area. Currently it is only available for users of United States and Canada with an age requirement of 13+ years.


Branded Surveys

Market research requires a lot of public opinion. Companies like Neilsen & Harris Insights need help while sourcing people to conduct their research. Websites like Branded Surveys generally help curate essential market insights by conducting surveys and viewpoint for companies such as these. On the upside, the person who participates in these surveys gets paid.

Once you have created an account, Branded usually analyses the profile by asking few select questions to match with the relevant survey topics. Once done, you will be showcased with wide variety of surveys to choose from. After completion of the survey, you will receive points in your account.

As soon as you have reached 1000 points, you can cash out for a reward of your choice. Payments can be received in your PayPal account, Amazon account or directly in your Branded account. You also have an option to donate your earnings to local charity of the United States. All in all, Branded is a great survey site that will pay you the most at the comfort of your home.

Currently available in United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom with an age restriction of 16 years and above.


LifePoints Highest paying survey site

Have you ever wondered who gave the first idea to design something related to toddler car safety seats or anti-lock brakes? Ranked among the leading platforms to provide reports based on customer research and analysis, LifePoints is a research community with more than 5 million members from all over the world dedicated in contributing meaningful insights related to market study and analysis.

Based on the consumer insights, LifePoints collects data with regards to the likes, dislikes and influence of various product segments which is then utilized by industries at large to bring significant improvement in their outcomes.

You can participate and earn quick money by subscribing to their weekly email blasts and memos which includes the list of surveys and activities that needs to be conducted. These are generally related to sports, travel, health, fitness, routine or other daily aspects of life. Post completion of the survey, you will be gifted with virtual points (called life points) that can be cashed via PayPal or through Gift cards. New users are provided with a free 10 life point as a welcome gift.

Compared to other survey sites, LifePoints has no minimum age requirement for sign-up and its subscription is accessible in all the countries.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research survey site

Among the highest paying survey sites, Vindale Research is another amazing platform which pays users instant cash directly into their PayPal account. There is no point metric system to be cashed for money; instead the site displays the exact amount of money the user has earned till date. As a signing bonus there is a flat $1 welcome gift for new registrations and depending upon the survey, user can earn anywhere between 50 cent and 50 dollars!

Vinidale also offers a referral bonus if you recruit new users to join this platform. Additionally, the site frequently shares reward codes across various social media channels which can be added directly into your account. Once you have hit the benchmark of $50, you can transfer this amount straight into your PayPal account.

In order to get yourself started on Vindale Research all you need to do is fill up the basic signup form that requires your name, gender, ethnicity, age and your current location. The registration is completely free and there are no monthly or annual membership charges. So what are you waiting for? Setup your account today to start getting paid right at the comfort of your house!

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research survey site

Another good survey site that pays you the most is Pinecone Research. Owned by Nielsen Holdings, the company is among the trusted survey and research sites that voices consumer opinions worldwide.  The site offers earning opportunities on a daily basis by sharing surveys over the email or a physical product test to conduct their research. Post completion you receive points that can be redeemed for cash or gift card.

Pinecone offers variety of surveys depending upon the user interest. It can be related to Home, Music, Sports, Movies, Kids, Health or Beauty. All you have to do is participate in these surveys to get rewarded. The average pay out for a single survey can range anywhere between $3 and $5 depending on the topic of research.

To register yourself with Pinecone Research, all you have to do is complete the basic signup form and activate your account. However, there are certain limitations; the surveys are geographically limited to users of United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. You also need to be at least 18 years of age to participate in these researches. You can apply for membership on their website to check for your eligibility.

Best Survey Sites That Pay Daily


Swagbucks survey site with daily instant payout

Swagbucks is the best survey website to provide instant payout to its users on a daily basis. Although the initial payment may take time due to the verification, however post your first payment all the payouts are disbursed within 24 hours. You can request to get the cash directly into your PayPal account, or get it through gift cards or voucher codes over email. You also get a $10 sign up bonus in case you shop for more than $20 via Swagbucks.

The most distinct feature that separates Swagbucks from any other survey sites is its threshold payout value. Once you have earned $3, you can transfer the amount into your PayPal account. The site pays anywhere between 1 and 350 earning points (called as SB money) depending upon the nature of survey. For every 100 points you receive $1 in your account. The more you accumulate your earning points, the higher the value of your conversion becomes.

Accredited with BBB, Swagbucks is a legitimate survey company that has been conducting research and analysis for more than 16 years. In order to get yourself started on this portal you need to be at least 13 years of age and living in countries like Canada, Australia, UK, France, or Germany.


InboxDollars best survey website that pay daily

InboxDollars is another brilliant survey site that pays you daily. Moreover the site does not reward in the form of points, but directly displays the earnings in dollars. There is wide range of surveys to choose from depending upon your interests. You can opt for reading emails, conducting online surveys, watch videos, or even play game. The site also organizes contests for the members, who are later rewarded with free samples, coupons or products.

The average earnings can range anywhere between 50 cents to 50 dollars depending upon the nature of survey (most of the surveys consume a maximum of 25 minutes). You also receive a referral bonus of $1 for each qualified referral. Additionally, you receive 30% commission every time your referral earns from the site. New members also receive $5 as a sign in bonus from InboxDollars.

You can transfer your earnings into your PayPal account or collect a gift card through electronic mail (minimum cash out is $30). The sign up process is simple and takes only couple of minutes to activate your account. However, InboxDollars requires the user to be at least 18 years of age. It is also limited to United States for the time being.

Survey Sites For Students That Pay Instantly


Toluna survey site for students

Based out of France, Toluna is an ideal survey site for students looking to earn quick money in the form of gift card, voucher or cash. The average payout per survey varies between 1000 and 20,000 points. After reaching the minimum cash out threshold of 30,000 you are eligible to redeem these points into your PayPal account. For every 30,000 points you can earn $10 in the form of cash.

Toluna frequently organizes activities like community discussion, polls, thumbs it (analyses based on opinion), and comparative research. The members of the participating community are rewarded with vouchers that can be redeemed on Amazon shopping portal. The signup procedure is simple which requires your personal details like demographics, ethnicity, age, interest, gender etc. These details are later compared with projects to match an ideal survey related to your niche. You also receive onetime signup bonus of $5 in your account.

What makes Toluna different from any other site is its geographical coverage. It can be accessed in more than 45 countries around the globe making it much easier for students (16+ years) from any place in the world to generate an online passive source of income.


SurveyClub survey site for students

Another popular survey site for college students that provide instant payout is SurveyClub. It is an interesting research site that covers a wide range of topics including online surveys, private panels, focus groups, clinical trials, product tests, online news boards, food tasting tests, and studies related to shopping behavior.

The website has an active membership of more than 16 million users who take part in research and surveys posted by the companies. In order to participate in these surveys, all you need is to submit the details like age, gender, zip code, marital status, education, annual income, interests and skills. Based on this information you will be showcased with the matching projects available in your area. Once completed with the survey, you have the option to redeem your reward via Amazon gift card.

The best thing about SurveyClub is that there is no age restriction. So even a school student can apply on this site to become a member and earn money. However, it is currently limited to the users of United States only.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost survey site for students

Opinion Outpost is one of the best survey sites for students to make money by participating in online researches, testing products or by watching commercials. Your opinion is rewarded in the form of points which can be redeemed through your PayPal account. You can even redeem these points through Amazon or iTunes gift card or through Home Depot vouchers. The minimum threshold to cash out your points is $10 for PayPal account and $5 in case you redeem your points in the form of vouchers or coupon codes.

Unlike any other survey site, Opinion Outpost receives a large number of surveys and research projects from clients on a daily basis. This naturally increases your odds of getting shortlisted for the project, thus increasing your average daily earnings ($0.30 to $3 per survey).

The signup process is automated and you can become a member within seconds. There is no signup bonus; however you receive a referral bonus of $1 per referral (with a cap of 5 referrals). The minimum age requirement is 17 years and the user must be from USA, UK, Canada or Germany.

Best Survey Sites To Make Money Without Investment


OneOpinion survey site without investment

Owned by Dynata, OneOpinion is a BBB accredited (rated A+) survey site that requires no prior investment or membership to participate in the research topics. Once your account has been approved you are ready to participate in surveys matching your skill sets. The average earnings you receive per survey vary between 1000 and 2000 points with each thousand points equaling to $1. Post crossing the minimum cash out benchmark of 25,000 points or $25, you can redeem your earnings through Visa cards, PayPal money or via Amazon gift vouchers.

Once the survey is completed you will receive the eligible earnings right away into your account. However, for complex researches and advanced focus group studies it may take around 5-6 weeks before you receive your earnings.

OneOpinion distributes surveys based on the user profile; an incomplete profile (completed only 25% of the survey profile) are segregated as Silver members, partially filled (completed 75% of the survey profile) are segregated as Platinum members and lastly the elite group known as Diamond members (completed 100% of the survey profile). Based on the segregation the surveys are sorted and distributed. The minimum age requirement is 13 years; however it requires parental consent before registration and is only available for members of United States, Canada, and United Kingdom

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions survey website without investment

Yet another awesome survey site that requires no membership fee or investment is the website named Valued Opinions. The website believes in transparency and displays the exact cash offered (in dollars) prior to your participation in the surveys. Each survey varies between $1 and $5 and the minimum cash out threshold being $10.

Post creating your account, you will receive all the relevant surveys based on your demographics directly in your mail box. The surveys cover wide range of topics related to environment, health, beauty, fashion or latest movies. You also get the opportunity to generate extra income by participating in ad campaign reviews and product testing.

Currently serving users from United States, the minimum age requirement to be eligible for surveys is 13 years. To qualify for these surveys make sure you complete your registration form completely by mentioning your demographics, interests, age and gender. For now the site does not offer payout in PayPal account. You can only redeem your cash in the form of gift cards or vouchers.

Research Survey Sites That Pay

Nielson Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielson survey sites for research

Unlike any other survey site, the research and analysis carried out by Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is acclaimed worldwide and is trusted by clients as well as researchers. The tests conducted by Nielsen are not limited to surveys; instead they provide an application that needs to be installed on your operating device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) post registration. All your activities and browsing experience is then recorded through artificial intelligence to improve user experience. The main motive behind this research is to study the pattern of consumers while they use the internet. Points are then distributed based on the number of device you register and your contribution towards this research.

The rewarding system of Nielsen is also very unique. The company gives away $10,000 monthly among 500 shortlisted members. Few elite researchers also receive an amount of $500 in the form of gift cards and vouchers. You also receive additional $50 for being an active member of the research for at least a year.

The minimum age requirement for you to be able to participate in this research is 18 years. Currently it is available for members of Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, North and South America.

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion research site that pays

American Consumer Opinion is a worldwide community of people who engage and participate in various polls that help large businesses understand about products and services required to be built for the future. In response to the opinion and surveys the member receives reward points anywhere between 100 and 5000. Apart from the surveys, there is an opportunity to test interesting products and samples as a part of consumer opinion. With every 1000 points you earn, you redeem $10 in the form of PayPal money.

Unlike few websites where you need to pay an annual membership charge, ACO does not charge you for participation. It also offers you several different options to donate your earnings to charity (optional). The company also offers Hyperwallet cash out option that helps you receive your earnings anywhere across 170 countries in more than 150 currencies.


MobileXpression research survey site

MobileXpression is a market research company that analyses consumer behavior and trends by collecting the data about your mobile internet usage. It primarily focuses on your browsing patterns while you are surfing on the web via your mobile device. As a member you have a great opportunity to earn cash prizes, rewards and discount coupons.

Similar to Nielson Computer and Mobile Panel, the site provides an application post successful registration which needs to be installed on your mobile device (android / iOS). There is a participation reward that generally arrives in your account within a week. Even after completion of your first week, you are rewarded regularly for keeping the device installed on your device.

It is a 100% legitimate and genuine survey company that does not share the user credentials or personal details with any marketing agency. The sole purpose of installing these trackers is to analyze the consumer trend and generate reports based on these activities.

USA’s Top 5 Survey Sites


Prolific Free Survey Website of USA

If you are looking for a free survey website that can help you earn money then look no further beyond this amazing site named Prolific. There are no eligibility criteria when it comes to your educational background. However, Prolific is purely an academic based survey site that is especially relevant for college students, teachers and professors. The research and surveys are generally requested by universities and companies and are mainly focussed on morality, memory, emotions, employability and academic opinions.

These studies conducted pay a minimum of $6.50 per hour depending upon the topic and the nature of study. The earnings can be cashed out from your PayPal account or through vouchers. Registration is simple and requires some basic information to get you started. One of the best things about Prolific is its worldwide access, so even a person from African or Asian continent can become a member of this elite group.


YouGov Survey Website (USA)

Another legitimate survey site named YouGov, is a British research and analyses company that helps its members to make money by participating in surveys and product reviewing. It has an active and diversified community of more than 8 million members that help in formulating opinions and viewpoints. These methodologies are later analyzed by companies to develop technologies and products that are beneficial to the society.

The registration is simple and rewards with a $1 signup bonus for its new members. Each survey carries a fixed payout of 1 earning point. Once your account has a minimum of 5000 earning points ($25), you can cash out your rewards in the form of PayPal cash or through Food coupons. Although the payout is considerably low when compared with other survey sites, however the time taken to complete each survey provided by YouGov is around 3-5 minutes only. This makes it an ideal opportunity to have a steady income source just by completing these surveys.

YouGov has the largest research online panel where people from more than 21 countries can participate. Minimum age requirement to be eligible to participate in the surveys is 16 years.


PrizeRebel survey site (USA)

PrizeRebel offers one of the best ways to make money online by completing quick surveys. You also have an option to earn points by watching videos, reviewing products and testing the samples sent by the brands. The earnings can be redeemed instantly in the form of PayPal credit, cash or gift vouchers.

The average earnings per survey can range anywhere between 50 and 100 points ($0.50 and $1 respectively). PrizeRebel has an interesting way of rewarding its loyal members for their continued efforts. Earning points of more than 4500 points are honored with a Gold level status and a 1% bonus on earnings. Earnings of more than 10,000 points are honored with Platinum level status and a 2% bonus on earnings. Likewise, for earnings of more than 16,000 points; a Diamond level status is honored along with a 3% bonus on earnings.

The registration is simple, quick and completely free but requires a minimum age of 16 years to be eligible for participation. Additionally, it is only available for members of US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


ClickPerks survey site

ClickPerks (New York, USA) is a leading survey and research company that offers complete marketing solutions to its clients. As a member of this company you receive a chance to participate in interesting surveys and polls essential in conducting marketing analysis. In return for your participation, the company offers earning points that can be redeemed into cash.

In addition to the paid surveys, ClickPerks also offers opportunities to participate in online shopping, watching commercials or videos, and by discovering unique offers from competitive brands. That’s not all; you are also rewarded to play online games sponsored by ClickPerks. Sounds unbelievable right?

To add to this, ClickPerks has a tie-up with more than 1500 retailers including Amazon, Walmart and Starbucks. So with each dollar you spend on these shopping portals, you get earning points straight into your account along with attractive discount coupons and gift vouchers.

Ipsos i-Say Panel

i-Say Panel

Our top five survey sites of USA would be incomplete without mentioning about i-Say panel by Ipsos. It is a very renowned polling company that analyses and collects results based on political opinions of the participants. So if you are inclined towards subjects related with politics, legislatures or local government, then you can raise your opinion on i-Say. In return you will be offered attractive deal coupons, vouchers, or even PayPal cash after successful completion of the task. What better way to earn money right at the comfort of your home?

You do not need to actively search for surveys on the site as it directly shares relevant surveys to your mail box. You are also provided with the estimated time each survey takes, beneficial in deciding if you are ready to invest your time or not.

Apart from political surveys, i-Say also rewards members for participating in general polls and discussions. To make things more interesting, the polls are not restricted to a single subject. They include wide range of topics like travel, movies, automobiles, current affairs, food and lifestyle.


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