Call Recording App for iPhone

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Call Recording App for iPhone

Have you ever felt the need to record a conversation with someone and wondered how to record a call using iPhone? If your answer to this question is yes, then you have landed on the correct page. Recording your conversation either outgoing or incoming can be done with the help of call recording applications. These applications have made life easier by allowing users to record voice calls within seconds. Users can later refer to these conversations by visiting these applications.

The general purpose of call recording is not limited to personal usage; these recorders play a very crucial role for business sector as well.

  • While creating a verbal contract over the phone
  • Resolving customer disputes
  • Improving the quality of the call in service industry
  • Reputation management
  • legal disputes

Due to their popularity you may find a lot of call recorder apps available on Apple app store, but not all serve the purpose they promise. Unfortunately a lot of these applications are outdated and may not work on your current operating system. Besides a lot of them record your calls over loudspeaker, which does not actually solve the purpose.

The best and the only alternate method to record your calls on iPhone is by installing applications that store recordings on their servers, which can be retrieved by accessing your application in your mobile. This is typically done by either calling there automated server before initiating a call or after you have a received a call on your iPhone. The call then needs to be merged with the server before any type of recording can happen. As compromising as it may sound, this is the only way to record calls on Apple devices.

We have tested many applications and handpicked five best call recording apps for iPhone. Let us review them in detail below.

Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call recorder app for iPhone

Rev call recorder is our top most recommended application in the list due to its user experience and simplicity. It has a completely ad free environment making it hassle free to do the job.

Rev is very much acclaimed for their transcription services, the recorded calls can be transcribed for a small fee. The accuracy of the transcribed conversation is almost 100% since all the audios are transcribed by actual humans rather than bots.

Although the use of call recorders depends from case to case, but the main purpose of using Rev Call recorder is for conducting telephonic interviews. These interviews can later be transcribed into texts by using their services.

Audio quality is pretty much the same as you hear over any mobile phones. Compared with other applications we have tested, Rev had the maximum audio quality.

Despite all the amazing features, this application is completely free for Apple users.

TapeACall Pro

TapeACall recorder app for iPhone

TapeACall Pro is another amazing application available on Apple store that can be used as a call recorder for your iPhone. A unique feature of this application is its beeper, which can be enabled from the settings of this app. By using the beep tones both the parties are informed about the call being recorded. However the beeps can be muted if you want your audio recordings to be completely secret.

Another unusual feature of this application is its ability to convert audio conversations into MP3’s.

This is a paid application with an annual charge of around $10.99; the free version is also available with a limitation of 60 seconds call recording.

The audio quality of the recorded conversation is pretty similar to Rev Call recorders.


Recordator call recording app for iPhone

Recordator is widely acclaimed call recording tool that only charges its users per minute. Unlike Rev & TapeACall there are no monthly or annual subscription charges with Recordator. Most importantly this tool does not come bundled as an application; instead it is an online tool where user needs to register before initiating a call record. Recordator call recording service can be utilised by any Apple iPhone device (iPhone 12 Pro Max, Mini, SE, 11 Pro, XS, XR, X, 8, 7 etc).

Another distinct feature of Recordator is its function to record call even if your phone does not have a conference (merge call) option. This is basically done through the server of Recordator which patches caller with recipient from their end.

There is no cap to the duration of the calls being recorded. Important points within the conversation can be marked as annotation.

Recordator also provides transcription service to convert your recorded audio to text. The price usually starts from $0.10/minute for English conversations.

Labels and tags can also be created on the recorded audios to manage the files easily.

Registration is completely free and 10 minutes record time is provided free for new registrations.


Recordiapro call recording app for iPhone

Being an online tool rather than an application that gets installed on your device, RecordiaPro is more or less similar to Recordator. Unlike other applications that are geographically restricted, RecordiaPro can be used by anyone in the World, although the charges are typically higher for users that do not reside in United States. Also there is no trial period and the users need to pay the money upfront to begin using their service.

Few distinct features of this application are:

Caller ID Changer that allows users to change or hide their mobile number while taking an outgoing call. Similarly there is an option to add a virtual phone number to make & receive recorded calls.

Recorded audio can be transcribed to text which can also be requested to ship in a flash drive to your desired address.

Similar to TapeACall, RecordiaPro also provides a beep / silent notification tool at the time of recording.

Labels and notes can be added to the recorded audio.

NoNotes Call Recording

NoNotes call recording app for iPhone

NoNotes is a free iOS application to record calls in iPhones. As per latest update, this application can be used in UK, US and Canada.

The registration is completely free and comes with an unlimited recording time.

The most distinct feature of this application is the one touch recorder in the event of an incoming call. The users do not need to dial the NoNotes server in the middle of the call to record a conversation; this can be done just by opening the app and saying “record active call”. The recorded conversation can then be retrieved from the applications cloud memory.

NoNotes also offer transcription services ($0.75 / minute); however unlike other call recorders we have discussed the transcription from audio to text is done by bots. There is a possibility that the output text may have errors depending upon the nature of conversation or accent.

Comparison of Call Recorders

Google Voice Call Recording App for iPhone

Google Voice call recorder

A free and easy way to record incoming call on your iPhone is by using Google Voice. The call recording feature is not limited to Apple devices, and can be used on any device and any mobile network.

To enable Google Voice on any device, the users need to register their details and set a default Google voice number. This number can be used on multiple devices at the same time along with the feature to block any caller.

This free tool from Google voice also diverts your call to voice mail, which can later be transcribed completely free of charge!

Some of the unique features of this app are:

  • Free automatic transcriptions of Voice mail messages.
  • It has a simple interface to retrieve important conversation by typing keywords of your calls in search bar.
  • Depending upon the caller you can divert your call to your preferred device.
  • You do not have to change your default Google voice number in the event you change your mobile device or the carrier.
  • Depending upon the caller you can set personalized introductory messages.

The only drawback of this application is its inability to record outgoing calls. However with so many amazing features without spending a single penny, Google Voice has become a standalone app in our list of call recorders. Likewise this app can also be used to make an international call since the rates are pretty economical as compared with any mobile network carriers.

Free Call Recorders for iPhone

Call recorders are useful in our day to day activities, be it recording your important business points during a conference, conducting a telephonic interview, or simply to keep a record of conversation.

Since Apple does not include any call recording application in their iPhones, if need be they can be installed from App store. As we have said earlier as well, these apps have limited functionality which puts a cap on the duration of call being recorded. However, they can be downloaded if the user does not intend on purchasing paid applications.

This being said, we are sharing top recommended applications available on the Apple app store. These apps serve as an iPhone call recorder and are free for first 60 seconds.

Call Recorder – IntCall

Call Recorder - IntCall

Call Recorder – IntCall is a free call recording app for iPhone and is completely free to download. The free version allows its users to retrieve the initial 60 seconds of recorded conversations.

The user interface is not very simple as the outgoing calls have to be made from the inbuilt keypad of the application. In case of an incoming call the user needs to follow a series of on screen instruction before the recording gets started. New registrations are offered few cents to record few of their conversations completely.

Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

Similar to the previous application we discussed, Call Recorder Lite is another free call recording app for iPhone users. The interface is relatively simple as compared with IntCall, and includes a record button that allows users to initiate recording just by pressing it.

Like all the other call recording apps, Call Recorder Lite also merges the conversation between the two parties with its server. The recorded audio can then be retrieved for free (limited to 1 minute).

Call Recorder by Profuse

iPhone Call Recorder by Profuse

Another free alternative for iPhone users is Call Recorder App by Profuse. The free version allows users to record unlimited calls for 7 days. It is the most popular free application among iPhone users. It has an easy 3 step record interface that lets user record their conversation quickly.

Profuse supports both incoming as well as outgoing calls. Another noteworthy feature is its ability to convert recorded audio into MP3 from within the application. What’s more? The app gets updated regularly with new features and customizations.

Call Recorder iCall

iCall Call Recorder

Another application that allows user to record their conversation with ease is iCall. The users can record unlimited audio conversations over the call, and the first 60 seconds of the audio is completely free to download.

The most distinct feature of this application is its ability to record several calls at once! There is an option to convert your recordings to MP3; moreover the quality of recordings is best among any free apps available on Apple store.


In this post we discussed about few of the best call recording applications that are available online for iPhone users. We also shared few apps that allow users to record the calls for free. Although we have tried to share the best possible information, however as we said earlier as well, no single app is self-sufficient that can meet all the requirements. Choose your app wisely giving considerations to the features you require the most. We would also like to inform our readers that owing to the strict policies that permit users to record a conversation, it is important to check with your country’s federal law before recording any conversation.


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