How to Increase Instagram Followers

How to Increase Instagram Followers & Importance of Social media on SEO


Social media has become the best way to reach the masses lately, in this blog we will highlight the importance of using social media & how to Increase Instagram Followers or any other social media.

Instagram profile

Vital content material shouldn’t be solely being connected with internal and external links; it should be shared, followed, tweeted and pinned.

How users use the Web has drastically changed, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by Google.

Lots of the unbiased researches on Google’s rating algorithm present a big correlation with high ranking pages having robust social media activity.

Whereas the official stance from Google is that they don’t instantly use social indicators in their algorithm, the Search Engine Optimization community however denies this and strongly agree that it’s definitely a must do activity to boost rankings.

The Fact !

Disagreements apart, I can inform from my very own expertise, websites with massive social followings constantly get greater rankings in a shorter time frame.

Not solely can you employ social media to construct social exercise to extend your total search engine optimization energy, you should utilize social media to commonly create backlinks which are free and straightforward to construct.

In addition it will increase referral site visitors again to your website and engages earlier prospects. As a rule, social media ought to be part of each search engine optimization challenge, and even each advertising and marketing project


What’s More?

Instagram is the world’s hottest social community. What’s in style on Instagram is actually a snapshot of public opinion, and Google has noted this by making Instagram activity a really robust factor of their algorithm.

It’s best to think about using Instagram for each search engine optimization project.

If you solely have the time or finances to make use of one social community in your search engine optimization technique, use Instagram.

How to Increase Instagram Followers

About Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing cellular app. It was launched in 2010 as a typical freebie app. There have been numerous different photograph apps, however Instagram hit the candy spot and began to develop exponentially. They grew so rapidly and organically that FB bought them for $1 billion in April of 2012. As of June of 2018, Instagram has more than 1000 million month-to-month energetic customers! Statistica Instagram Followers

The Concept

To enhance your web site’s Instagram social activity, share content material out of your personal web site on your Instagram profile regularly. Every time you do that, you obtain extra publicity out of your fan base, and you additionally build up social activity across the content in your web site. Be cautious to combine this up with related, engaging non-commercial content material for your consumer base, so you do not flip them off and maintain high levels of engagement. Examples include info graphics, inspirational quotes, inspirational photographs, and so forth. Construct up your viewers by together with a Instagram follow button in your web site, your e mail signatures, and your “about me” or “success pages”. If you wish to pace up building your viewers, you should utilize Instagram promotions to build a related viewers base. It is a good technique in case your rivals within the rankings have a bigger following base and you need to beat them. You may as well use Instagram campaigns to improve publicity to your posts. These campaigns stand out as a good way to build up an audience and a larger follower base.

10 Tips on How to Increase Instagram Followers with Guaranteed Real and Active Accounts

10 Tips on How to Increase Instagram Followers

Tag related users

You’ll be able to tag Instagram users featured in your pictures / info graphics / quotes with a “@” in your caption or through the use of Instagram hash tagging features. Both the ways are fruitful and will tag the specific user or page and will notify them immediately. Tagging somebody engages them to have interaction with the published post and share it with their own customer base. Your post will even be visible on their Tagged in tab of their Instagram profile. You may also tag related customers in your Instagram Stories. Then, they will re-share the content material to their very own Story with simply a few taps. In the event that they accomplish that, everybody who views their Story sees your username and may visit your profile as well.

Unique Hash Tags

Find unique hash tags that are yet to be exploited by many. Find your target audience and search for the relevant hash tags that are followed by many and yet used by only few to post their content. In this way you will be able to market your data in a large user group which will compel them to engage and share. This way the user is more likely to follow your account.

Data Mix

Not all the posted content of yours has to be promotional. Mix it up a little bit with informational, motivational and fun. This way the user will understand and engage more with your content and is more likely to share and follow. If the content is all promotional based, there is a little chance that the user tagged in will participate and doing this on daily routine may become monotonous for him.

Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

How to Increase Instagram Followers?

Answer- By not purchasing them.

It might be tempting to purchase 1000 followers for a price of 100$ but the disadvantage of fake followers are more than their actual positive impacts on your profile.

Firstly, they will not engage with the content at all. Secondly, sooner or later these inactive profiles will be removed from your account by Instagram Spam Algorithm.

Schedule your Instagram Posts

Posting at the right time really matters a lot. In case you are a small business, it may be difficult for you to set up a team especially for this activity. Scheduling your Instagram posts automatically is a best solution for such businesses. By scheduling you have more time to study and analyse the campaigns which in turn helps to reach more user base.

Follow and Engage

If you are thinking about how to increase Instagram followers, firstly, follow many accounts that are relevant to you. This will definitely engage the user and in turn they will follow you. Every 5 out of 10 user account follow the profiles that have followed them in return. But do not do it in excess, although we do want to increase the following count, but we want them to be engaging with our content as well. Every like, comment and share is monitored by Google which eventually boosts your rank on social media!

Use Social Analytics Tools

When you make investments, put effort and time to increase your social media profiles, you will want to observe your outcomes so you possibly can separate the elements of your technique which might be profitable. Social media analytics is totally different in comparison with different internet analytics, since social analytics are geared to measuring the engagement of your fan base. Utilizing the software program listed under, you possibly can monitor outcomes and get precious insights on methods to enhance your social media efforts:

Tools that can be used

Google Analytics social-tracking options are nice for monitoring primary social interactions that happen when guests are on your profile. It’s free and contains an out-of-the-box resolution with the usual setup. To see social reviews, log into Google Analytics, click on the “Acquisition” tab within the predominant menu, then “Social”. 

Sprout Social is also a superb internet analytics and social media management bundle that permits you to observe the efficiency of your social media profiles over time.

Get on the Instagram Explore Page

Quick way on how to Increase Instagram Followers

Getting on the Instagram Explore page is the Google SERP equivalent of First Page Rank! Unfortunately there are no assured methods to make it possible. Let us understand what Instagram Explore page is and how to Increase Instagram Followers through Instagram Explore.

Increase Instagram Followers 1


What is the Instagram Explore page?

The Instagram Explore page is made up of videos, stories, images and posts that are related to your social media activity.

In simple language it shows you what you want to see with a never ending scroll till you get tired.

Benefits of getting on the Instagram Explore page

  • A boost in the number of engagement your content receives.
  • More profile visits after engaging with the content.
  • A boost in the number of followers
  • More shares and engagement from the new active followers
  • Boost in SEO rankings.


*Showcase what your user base wants.

For best results and rank in the explore page of Instagram, showcase what the user segment prefers.

*Analyse high-performing posts on the Explore page

When you’re already following accounts which can be related to your business and your viewers, your individual Explore page has loads of insights for you as to what the algorithm is analysing. And what your potential viewers likes.

*Take note of analytics

Check out what you’re doing that’s already engaging your viewers. It can be a video or quotes or just an info graphic depending upon the business.

*Make them curious

Build an interest right from the first post. You can quote something and mention that details would be coming soon on the other posts, an example to keep the users curious and engaging. Also, there is a simple techniques that may make a post more likely to get featured on Explore Page; Reposts from different users.

*Make a long video for IGTV

IGTV has its personal devoted space in Explore. Instagram is pushing IGTV, however long-form video has not been as standard as Stories. Seems like a possibility to try and rank on this unexplored area.

*Purchase an ad on Explore

Lastly, try to invest a small amount on the Instagram Explore page, this is my personal guarantee. You will definitely see the results.

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