Note taking app for Android and Windows

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Note taking app for Android and Windows

The note taking applications have become the latest trend among tablet users. With the evolution of the technology and improvements in the methodology, things have changed for good. There are numerous applications available on app store; however we are here to discuss some of the best apps that are just right for your kind of work.

Previously we had discussed about note taking apps for iPad along with their comparison.  In this blog, our primary emphasis has mainly been on the ease of taking inputs from stylus particularly for college going students working on Android and Windows operating system.

We have also considered other important factors before bringing out these results, including rich formatting, audio and video additions, hand writing recognition, and spell checking functionalities.

As per there features and simplicity, shared below is the list of best note taking app for Android and Windows operating system. Read on to find out about more about these amazing.

  1. Microsoft OneNote
  2. Evernote
  3. Google Keep
  4. Dropbox Paper
  5. Simplenote

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft One Note taking app for Windows and Android

Microsoft One Note is the right tool to write, sketch and store notes on your computer, laptop, mobiles and android tablets. The new update does not require users for Office subscription. The application is completely free and easy to install on Android, Windows 10 and Mac operating systems.

The top bar consists of all the features and available tools; the left navigation panel contains all the saved notes and shows basic structure of all the sub notes inside it. There is a tutorial note available as a default page that allows user to get a better understanding of the available features, tools and their functionality. The created document has a sync option available for the user to save it directly on the cloud.

Order of the sub sections can be changed by simple drag and drop; you also have the option to change their colors. Page appearance can also be changed from multiple color backgrounds available in the “View” menu of top bar. Similarly the layout can also be modified using the rule or grid lines. Useful tags can be added on the text line to highlight their importance; these include important tag, question tag, to-do tag, critical tag, and a custom tag for other remarks. You can also insert multiple file formats to support your notes (PDF, JPG, and PNG). To top it all, there are multiple pen and highlighter options with custom colors to choose from.


Evernote Note taking app for android

Evernote is a free as well as paid application for Android, Mac and Windows users. There is no application available in the app store that is so easy to use. The three important functions namely; taking the notes, storing the notes and retrieving the notes are made particularly simple and effective.

Another mazing feature is its offline storage functionality. The saved notes can be transferred to your mobile devices, which can be accessed without any internet connection as well!

All the functions and tools are available on the left side of the navigation panel. Apart from choosing blank notes, pre default categories are already present for taking lecture notes, weekly plans, to-do lists, meal plans, meeting notes, and daily reflections.

It syncs with all the devices and operating systems simultaneously without any lag. Another noteworthy feature is its ability to share the entire category and not just a single note topic. You can use the drag and drop feature that includes insertion of images (JPEG’s), word documents (.docx), Apple docs and Adobe files (.PDF).

There are not many customizing options available when it comes to presentation. Background change is not available and the colors of the fonts are limited. When it comes to fonts, there are only 6 font options available: Sans Serif, Serif, Slab Serif, Monospace, Script, and Handwritten.

Google Keep

Google Keep Note taking app for android and Windows

Google Keep is a free note taking, list creating and task manager app from Google. This application is not specifically meant for note taking; instead it focuses on collaborating, sharing and adding tasks.

The notes created on Google can also be transferred directly to Google docs just by a click. What’s more? All the notes are automatically saved on your Google Keep account. So even if you do not have your tablet along, you can open your Google Keep account from any device and refer to your notes.

The to-do list has a reminder feature which alerts you for the upcoming tasks. That’s not all; you can also set a particular location where you need to be reminded at a particular time! The created notes can also be shared with multiple collaborators who can edit the notes at the same time.

On the left hand navigation panel you can find notes, reminders, labels and sheets. You can organize your notes by adding labels, making the interface easier as you only need to type in the label keyword to search for the notes.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox paper is an improved version of Google docs that provides few extra tools required to create and share notes. There is an advanced search bar allows users to search notes by typing in the keywords starting with “+” sign. Hyperlinks can be added to the anchor text by just copying and pasting. It also displays the total word and character count while creating notes.

Dropbox provides a rich formatting option where users can add and reorder images, videos and audio files. Files can also be uploaded directly from Dropbox account. The rich formatting also includes bullet pointers, to-do list, line divider and emoji.

You can also comment on selected notes that would be visible to other readers, or mark them as favorite. The notes created by a group will have their respective author’s name mentioned on the left. It also supports HTML codes if you are a coder.


Simplenote app for android

Simplenote as the name suggests allows users to take notes from one device and read on the other synced devices in a really simple way. It is perfect for a new tablet user looking for a simple application that can provide some experience to get started.

The left navigation panel displays the list of current notes. There are basic templates available and no customized features to keep you away from any distraction. You can add tags to your created notes, which can later be referred with the help of search bar.

Another noteworthy feature of this application is its ability to “Auto complete” the text, generally useful while taking notes during a lecture. You can even add hyperlinks to your anchor text. The notes are synced just like Evernote in all the devices you have installed this application.

However, the application restricts its user to basic functionality. There are no templates to choose from, tables cannot be created, and there are no formatting tools available including bullet pointers. All in all, this is a strictly text based application with limited features that does not even allow importing of images or files.

Comparison of Note Taking Apps

Best note taking app for android tablet

With over 1.6 billion android users worldwide, its popularity on Google play store is evident. There are thousands of applications available for android users irrespective of their mobile or tablet version. When it comes to note taking, there are lot of promising applications available on the app store that can be considered for this purpose.

However, not all the applications perform exceptionally well. Some are dedicated note taking apps, whereas others have advanced tools and features to make a powerful report. To help you choose the correct app as per your needs, we have compiled a list of best note taking app for your android tablet.

  1. ColorNote
  2. WorkFlowy
  3. Notepad
  4. Notebook
  5. LectureNotes


ColorNotes for android tablet

ColorNote is a simple note taking application similar to Google Keep. It has an inbuilt reminder that alerts you for important to-do activity. You can also add notes to the calendar and schedule your appointments. Moreover, these notes are saved offline in your tablet’s storage memory.

Some of the unique features of this application include; contact auto dial from saved notes, linking multiple notes, and password locker.

It has a to-do list and shopping list that lets you search the web directly for the item mentioned in your list.

Important information within the notes can be moved to home screen to keep the to-do list handy.

You can also change the color, theme and change the outlook from grid to list as per your convenience.


WorkFlowy for android tablet

WorkFlowy is a surprisingly powerful tool for organizing your notes. The main purpose of using Workflowy is to create a list with its infinite nesting bullets. You can add images, create internal links, and turn your list into Kanban boards.

This application is perfect for students to help plan assignments, organize classes, outline and write reports. You can even share your notes from within the app itself.

The most noteworthy feature that comes along with this app is “Mirror” tool. By using this feature you can alter your notes in one place, and it will get reflected on all the other mirrored places. For example, a comment made on a sub item, will be displayed on other places as well where the sub item is mentioned.

All in all, WorkFlowy is a simple tool that is easy to use and contains the entire necessary feature required by any note taking application.


Notepad for android tablet

Notepad is a quick tool to write important notes especially for business management students and professionals. It has a speech to text transcriber, to-do list maker, voice notes taker, and a simple text editor that can include images and reminders. With 8 color option and unlimited note taking capacity, it helps you manage and organize your notes in a minimalistic way.

The notes can be auto synchronized with your Google Drive and Dropbox account and are shareable to any social app installed in their device.


Notebook note taking app for android tablet

Notebook by Zoho, allows you to create notes and sync across all the devices (iOS, Android and Windows). You can create any regular notes, audios, images, checklist and sketch.

Just like Google Keep, the users are also provided with an option to change the color of their page. When it comes to drawing, the app provides ball point pen, fountain pen, highlighters, erasers and custom color tools.

The gestures provided in this application differentiate itself from the rest of the available apps on the play store. You can merge, flip and peel through the notes simply with your fingers.

Another remarkable feature of Notebook app is its synchronization with Web clippers installed on browsers. Anything clipped on the laptop using the extensions are transferred to your notes instantly!


Lecturenotes app for android tablet

LectureNotes is the best notes taking app for students during a lecture with a wide variety of tools and customization option for writing. You have the option to create unlimited folders and pages, set their destination, and add time stamp to make your reference easy.

There are 4 default pencil colors and 18 customizable options available in the tool bar. Pressure sensitivity can be adjusted as per your writing style. The pencil can be used as an eraser for precise sketch, and there is an option to customize your highlighter to strike in front or behind the text.

Due to its versatility, this app can be used on tablets that come along with a dedicated stylus as well as with external stylus or pencils by configuring their sensitivity. What’s more? You can even configure the Palm rejection depending on your usage.

Best note taking app for android with stylus

While new age devices come along with brilliant touchscreens that can usually be operated with fingertips, a stylus improves the accuracy and efficiency of the user. Swiping, highlighting or selecting a particular text becomes a lot easier with the help of Stylus, making note taking lot less challenging. To support this particular user segment, many developers have come up with amazing applications to help ease their task. In this post we will discuss few of these best note taking applications that supports stylus in Android operating systems. Let’s take a look.

  1. Adobe apps
  2. Autodesk apps
  3. Character Maker
  4. Samsung Notes

Adobe apps

Adobe Apps for android with Stylus

Adobe has all sorts of applications for creative thinkers and different work flows. Ranging from video editing, graphic design to augmented reality, Adobe has the solution related to your working style. Moreover, these applications are specifically developed for stylus and S Pen users and their functionality is not just limited to simple note taking.

Professionally developed for graphic designers, and completely compatible with other applications like Autodesk Sketchbook and Adobe Illustrator, Adobe applications are a boon to students.

Most of these applications are free for Android users and get frequent updates with latest tools and technologies to make life easier.

Autodesk apps

Autodesk Apps for android with Stylus

Autodesk app is another amazing note taking app for product designers, architects, automobile, and industrial designers. It allows users to export their work as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PSD.

It has a wide variety of pen tools (ball point pens, fountain pens and pencils), customized ink, highlighters and more than 190 brushes to choose from.

With dozens of options to choose from, Autodesk has become quite popular stylus app.

Character Maker

Character Maker Apps for android with Stylus

Character Maker is a paid application designed for comic creators. They support finger as well as stylus. The app allows you to create both female and male characters. The alternate version allows you to create kids.

Post purchase there is no advertisement or popup that serve as a distraction. They also provide step by step tutorial guide for new users to learn about the basic tools and their functionality.

Although this app can be used by comic makers for notes, its basic functionality is limited to sketching.

Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes App for android with Stylus

With new tablets and mobiles launched every year, Samsung Notes app is specially designed for Samsung users. You can add texts, images with footnotes, voice recordings, and video files directly to your notes using S Pen.

It provides a rich toolbar to edit the style, color and font of your text. Numerous drawing tools including brushes, highlighters and custom inks are provided for interactive note creation.

Notes created on S Notes and Memo can also be imported directly to this application.

Most noteworthy feature of this free application is the handwriting recognition tool that converts your handwritten notes into text.

Android note taking app for students

Taking notes during an on-going class plays an important role in shaping the future of any student. Not only does it improve your grasping power, but they also help to understand the concept better. Besides, you have a permanent summary of what you have listened in your class. These notes can either be made on a notebook, or you can choose much more efficient way by using online applications.

An online application not only helps you in writing the notes quickly by auto suggesting, they also allow you to create an interactive report by adding voice notes and images. These reports become unambiguous owing to the detailed explanation and are much easier to remember during examinations.  Let us now take a look at some of these top recommended android applications that are strictly made for students to take notes.

  1. Keep My Notes
  2. Material Notes
  3. Simple Notes Pro
  4. Squid
  5. Notion

Keep My Notes

keep my notes android app for student

Keep My Notes is a simple and free note taking application that can be used without any active internet connection. It comes with a light and dark theme, and has all the basic features required for notes creation including text editing tools like bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and highlight options.

You can create multiple folders for your notes; add voice memos and even password protect your files. Additionally, you can change the font color and size for the entire notepad.

Once connected to internet, you can save all your notes over the cloud or synchronize them over multiple devices. Apart from few ad prompts, it is altogether a simple solution for student’s note taking problems.

Material Notes

Material Notes android app for student

Material Notes is an all in one notes, reminder and to-do list maker. These are displayed as cards, to help organize your notes easily. You can change the color of these cards and mark them as important by adding stars.

This app also comes along with a built-in search bar which helps to locate the notes easily. Few important notes can also be added to home screen with the help of widget for quick reference.

Another notable feature of Material Notes is its 4 Digit Pin locker, which helps in maintaining privacy and protection of your notes. To top it all, this application is completely free to use!

Simple Notes Pro

Simple Notes Pro android app for student

Simple Notes Pro is a paid application ($1.20) with a minimalistic layout and simple interface. There is no ad or popup interference that can possibly hinder the concentration of the user. The app includes basic functionality like notes creation, preparing to-do lists, and adding widgets to the home screen of the tablet or mobile.

You can create your notes using customizable colors, and also create multiple independent text notes.

It comes with an auto save feature, so none of your notes will get discarded even if you forget to save them. Most importantly, it has a reminder tool that keeps a track of your shopping and to-do lists.


Squid notes android app for student

Squid is a brilliant application for android users that has all the basic and advanced tools required to create exceptional notes. There is no limit to the amount of notes created as this app comes with infinite pages. This application also allows you to write with an active pen, stylus and even with fingers.

The color of the created notes can be selected and modified as per the choice, especially important during on-going lectures to mark important points. The functionality of copying and pasting is simplified, allowing users to copy the text and paste it on another page.

There are multiple backgrounds and templates available for notes creation, as well as different sizes of pens, highlighters and erasers to choose from. Additionally, there is a two finger scroll and pinch-to-zoom function for easy reading.

The created notes can be exported as PDF, JPG or PNG.


Notion android app for student

One of the most underrated note taking applications among android users, Notion is an all in one workspace platform. It comes with a wide variety of templates, customizable pages, task lists and kanban boards to choose from.

Rich formatting includes basic as well as advanced editing features similar to Evernote. You can assign topics to people, collaborate with your team or share the notes from within the application.

The most wonderful feature about this application is that everything present inside the app is customizable. You can add banner, logo, and image, customize the color, adjust the size, and add voice notes; making it an extraordinary note taking tool for students.

Android Note taking app with palm rejection

While writing or drawing with a stylus, there are chances you may leave some stray marks near you page. These stray marks are caused by your palm while you were busy taking your notes or sketching an art. As frustrating as they are, removing them from the page is even more cumbersome.

However, these stray marks can be avoided by using palm rejection feature available in your application. This feature usually ignores any gesture that is made except from the one provided by stylus.

Few tablets and styluses however do not support palm rejection, yet with the help of external applications like INKredible you can activate this feature to support your device.

INKredible android app with Palm rejection

Inkredible as the name suggests, is an incredible note taking app for android users with palm rejection feature. But that’s not all! It has the entire advanced note taking functionalities like multiple pen and highlighters, eraser with custom sizing, social sharing, cross functional collaboration and Kanban boards.

Additionally, there are multiple background options and various paper sizes to choose before creating your notes. Users can even upload voice, image or adobe files directly to their notes.

Furthermore, the most amazing thing about this app, it is completely free for personal use!


Note taking apps have been around for over a decade. Some of these are free with in-app purchases while others are paid applications. While the internet is loaded with such type of applications, it is evident from there features that not one particular application can suit everybody. In this post, we discussed few of the best paid and free applications that can be considered for note taking. This comparative analysis of features and functions were made after careful examination and test. It is necessary to analyze your requirement basis the type of work you do, before choosing and installing these applications.


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