Print Test Page

Black & White Print Test Page

Black & White Print Test Page

Click on the button below for Black and White Print Test Page and check the ink.

Color Print Test Page

Color Print Test Page

Click on the button below for Color Print Test Page and check the ink.

CMYK and RGB Test Page for Printer

CMYK-RGB Color Printer Test Page

Click on the button below for CMYK and RGB Print Test Page and check the ink.

What is a printer test page?

A printer test page is nothing but a test page print which will check the efficiency of your printers and the magnitude of colours that are being pushed through the printer head.

Printers and the need to print a test page.

A printer is an electronic device that prints paper archives from your laptops, desktops and mobile gadgets. This incorporates text reports, pictures, or a blend of both. Inkjet and Laser are the two most regular kinds of printers. Inkjet printers are regularly utilized for domestic use, while laser printers are generally used in companies which require fast and cheap prints regularly.

So as to print a record, the information must be sent from your device to the printer. Numerous softwares, for example, Microsoft word processors, Adobe Acrobat Reader have an option of print command in the menu bar. The short cut for print on Windows operating system is (Ctrl+P). Few printers are connected wirelessly through WiFi and some are connected with USB. Make sure the printer is connected to the device before you give the command to print test page.

On what devices this test page can be used?

This is a universal test page and can be used for Kyocera printer test page, Lexmark printer test page, Epson printer test page, Toshiba printer test page, Samsung printer test page, Dell printer test page, Brother printer test page, Mac Printer Test , Printer Test Linux, A4 Printer Test Page, CMYK printer test page, Canon printer test page, Panasonic printer test page, HP Printer test Page, Xerox printer test page, WorkCentre printer test page, etc.

What is the need to print a test page for printers?

Let us know the reasons why we need to print test page. A printer test page will help you uncover any kind of faults that is faced by the device. The issues a printer test page can recognize are issues related to alignment, cartridge issue, color fill, or in case you need a toner replacement. By printing a test page you can tackle these issues more quickly and precisely.

In case of domestic use where the Printer is not used very frequently, it is advisable to print test page every week or else the ink will get dried out. The print head may also get damaged in case the printer is not used for a long time. Regular checks of your printer by test page print will help in maintenance of the printer and improve the nature of your printing and life expectancy of your printer.

Color Printer Test Page

It is impossible to judge the color quality simply by looking at the test page. We urge you to compare the image depicted on the screen to the test print page you have in hand. That’s really simple isn’t it?

Black and White Printer Test Page

We have provided the gradient percentage since this is the only way to test the quality of the black and white printers. You can also compare the gradient level as shown on the image in the screen of our website to compare the two test pages.

Printing the printer test page provided by the built-in software

Almost all modern day printers have built in softwares to print test page. The procedure for each brand is different and you can check in the manual / brochures of your printer. If you cannot find your manual you can take a test print from this website. For any other assistance you can contact us.

My test page is dull. What should I do?

In case the test page print is dull or not up to the standards as shown in the image, you may need to check the printer head if anything is clogged. A paper jam is also a very common problem. In case every thing is okay after the initial trouble shoot, you may need to refill or replace the cartridge of your printer. We urge you to only purchase original cartridges and refills for your genuine printers.

How to check the printer ink level?

Q. Check ink level on HP Printers
A. If you are using Windows, you need to install HP smart app on your system. You will then need to add your printer or it will automatically detect depending upon how latest your printer is. The ink level will be shown on the home screen of your application

Q. Check ink level on Canon Printers
A. Using Windows start menu option, click on settings and then click on devices. Right click on your printer model, and select printing preferences. Click on Maintenance tab and click on View Printer Status. You can check the level of your ink here.

Q. Check ink level on Brother Printers
A. If you have a Brother Status monitor application you can check from the application’s home screen. Else, you can check from Windows control center. If you have Windows 10, go to start menu, click on All Programs, then look for Brother and your printer model name. Then click on Control Center to look for the ink levels in status monitor.

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