Small Business Ideas for Women

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Best Small Business Ideas for Women

In today’s modern world, business framework is no longer adjudicated by men. The 21st century woman is more powerful, aggressive, career-minded and self-sufficient. The new era woman is more competitive towards new business opportunity and is more instrumental with the advancing technology.

As per recent release of MasterCard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE); there is a close competition between many countries in support of female entrepreneurship. Even countries from Europe, Asia and Africa have started encouraging female entrepreneurs by implementing similar favorable Governmental policies and regulations.

The top ranked countries for female entrepreneurship by score
The top ranked countries for female entrepreneurship by score

Ease of doing business as a female has also seen a significant improvement all over the World. Countries have now started supporting the micro, small, and medium enterprises in some or the other way.

This being said, any type of business should be started with the right approach. While businesses or startups usually start as a hobby, yet it is important to understand your financial capability and responsibilities towards personal commitments.

With millions of small businesses starting and closing every day, it is important to choose a business idea that matches your interest & lifestyle. In today’s post, we are going to discuss some of the realistic small business ideas for women that are propitious, productive and flexible. Let us review them one by one in detail.

  1. Blogging
  2. Café Business
  3. Freelance Writing
  4. Stock Trading
  5. Graphic Designs
  6. Marketing Copywriters
  7. Sell on Amazon
  8. Public Relations Consulting
  9. SEO Consulting
  10. Event Planning

#1 Blogging

Blogging- Best small business idea for woman

Blog refers to an informal diary-style article published online to provide information or value to the readers. Over the years it has emerged as one of best flexible small business idea for Women. A well-researched blog attracts thousands of readers per day. Not only will your blog be renowned, but with correct monetization techniques you can earn more than $10,000 per month!

For a start you can focus on particular topics that match your personality; Gardening Tips, Recipes, or even tips to decorate your drawing room. Alternatively, you can start a travel blog to recommend places and destinations near you for couples and families.  If you are tech minded enthusiast, you can start your own review site to compare two devices and share the features. The topic to start a blog as a business is endless, yet the most successful bloggers are the ones who follow their interest and passion.

#2 Café Business

Café business for women

If you are a type of woman who has zeal in hospitality industry, this is the right business for you. Of course it requires a lot of planning and strong financial background to run a successful coffee shop, but if done correctly, this business idea can turn out to be very profitable.

Furthermore, a café business can also be run online if you do not want to invest in a traditional brick and mortar shop. Companies like Mistobox offer online subscriptions to coffee beans from different parts of the world directly to customer’s doorstep. These types of businesses usually require less investment compared to a physical store and are more likely to sustain at times of crisis.

So depending on your time availability, interest and financial hold, you can either start an online coffee store or a traditional theme based café.

#3 Freelance Writing

Freelance writing business for women

Freelance writing is one of the most lucrative business opportunities for anyone looking at flexible working schedule right from the comfort of bedroom. Some of the top women’s magazines like Marie Claire, pay around $2 per word for the submitted article. Needless to say, your content creating abilities should be awe-inspiring. So if you really enjoy writing, and are resolute to turn your writing skills as an additional source of income, you can definitely consider this niche business idea.

For starters, you can begin your freelance journey by creating an account on platforms like UpWork or Freelance Writing. The account creation is completely free and these platforms only charge a small amount once you have received your payments from clients.

#4 Stock Trading

Stock trading business for women

Although stock trading is not everyone’s cup of tea, but with little patience and a careful study of the market you can build your own path in this money making industry. However, there are few things to bear in mind before you implement this business idea any further; you need to have a strong business methodology, you need to learn about the market for at least 6 months, and you should have a strong financial hold in case things turn awry.

Websites like Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), offer valuable information and insights for traders along with the market trend. You can even experiment on trading simulator apps to get a better understanding of this concept and to determine your abilities in this business sector.

#5 Graphic Designs

Graphic designing business for woman

When it comes to creativity, there is no denying that Women are more expressive and artistic (54% of designers in the United States are Women). If you are the type of Woman who can portray advertisements, brochures and other marketing materials into an informative graphical representation, you definitely need to consider this awesome business idea into practicality.

Some of the typical jobs that frequently require a graphic designer include: Branding and Advertising, Web designs, Cover Page designs, Logos and Print media designs. While there is a complete flexibility in choosing your desired field, most graphic designers like to work in multiple fields to entertain all client requirements.

With freelancing websites like UpWork and Fiverr connecting designers with clients, growing in this business has become relatively easier.

#6 Marketing Copywriters

Marketing Copywriting

Writers who create a text for the sole purpose of advertisement are known as marketing copywriters. These types of content creators are the backbone of any organization. Not only are they responsible for brand recognition, but also for business profitability as they help in convincing the target customers about the product value.

However, this business idea is only limited with women who are passionate and innovative when it comes to writing. Also to start your career as a professional marketing copywriter, clients may ask for your qualifications as well. More importantly, you may require few marketing samples of your previous work as well.

This being said, it is not entirely impossible to start afresh as a marketing copywriter. Even if you do not have a degree from related field or you lack basic experience of working with a client, there are many freelance websites like Behance where you can start as a fresher by providing some samples and demos of your own work.

#7 Sell on Amazon

Sell on Amazon

Owing to its convenience, more and more customers are now switching to online shopping. This has generated a ton of opportunity for small business traders and manufacturers. Moreover the operating cost for any online business is considerably low since they no longer require a physical store.

Selling on Amazon or any other ecommerce portal in this case, has made it possible for women to start their own business right from the comfort of their home. This business is gaining popularity due to its flexibility, low investment and high profit margins. The operating costs involved in these types of ecommerce business is also very less.

Besides, there are tons of products that can be sold online with reasonable margins. For a start, you can sell Artificial Jewelries, Paintings, Handmade Toys, Gardening Tools, or any other product as per your interest.

#8 Public Relations Consulting

Public Relations Consulting

Every firm requires an active public relations agency or a consultant to inform the consumers about latest products, services or a generic business update. The job of a consultant is to become an intermediary between the organization and the public to communicate important business changes. Although big organizations have their own PR division, but small and medium enterprises usually look for independent consultants or small agencies to conduct their businesses.

One of the easiest ways to start your own PR Consulting firm is by creating a strong social media account with strong following base. You can get paid by organizations for posting about their product or service on your social media page.

These types of independent PR consultants are most common on Instagram, where they charge $50 to $5000 depending on their fan following base.

#9 SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting business for woman

With millions of website competing against each other for similar keywords, the demand for search engine optimization has increased considerably.  Search engine optimization is the concept of improving a site’s rank among the results displayed by search engine to organically increase the visitor traffic. A site’s ranking is governed by more than 200 factors which analyses and displays the appropriate results on the search engine result page (SERP).

Depending upon the industry, an SEO consultant can earn an approximate $2000 per project. However, this is not an easy task, and requires a lot of hard work, analysis, research and patience.

#10 Event Planning

Event planning business for women

An event planning business is a vibrant opportunity with heaps of potential and profit margins. Be it wedding ceremonies or corporate and business events, an event planner is required to ensure a memorable event that leaves the clients happy.

For a start, you can create your own website or a social media page and offer your professional event planning service in your nearby areas. You can promote your website through Google Ads in your nearby regions as well. Ask your relatives and friends to hire you for their personal events that will further provide you some experience.

Small Business Ideas for Women without Investment

Internet has created endless opportunities for everyone, be it a multibillion enterprise or a small Startup. Thousands of people have grasped this opportunity and turned themselves into entrepreneurs by honing their skills and following their passion. But the bigger question is can this be done without investing any money?

Unlike many offline businesses that require huge investments and a bank guarantee, there are actually some niche business ideas which can be started without having a strong financial support. However, as easy as they may sound; any kind of business requires a great deal of effort and perseverance. Besides, having prior knowledge about the industry is prerequisite to overcome any challenges you may face during your course of business.

Having said that, let us now take a look at some of the small business ideas for women that can be started without much investment.

  1. Proof Reader
  2. Life Coach
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Travel Agents
  5. Interior Designers

#1 Proof Reader

Proof Reading business for women without investment

The best way to start a passive stream of income without investment is by learning the art of proof reading. A proof reader performs basic quality check for grammar, spelling and accuracy before the article is sent for publication.

You do not require any qualification to become a proof reader, rather this job asks for meticulousness and punctiliousness as the primary skills.

Most of the proof reading jobs are part time, providing flexibility along with the advantage of working from home.

#2 Life Coach

Life Coach

If you are passionate about helping people and love to hear about their problems and provide solutions, then becoming a life coach might interest you. Unlike a therapist, in order to become a life coach you do not need a special degree. All you need is the quality of hearing people out while they seek for answers to their problems.

You can start your journey by doing social work, online assistance, relationship advice, career guidance or counselling on generic day to day stress. On an average a life coach can earn around $45-$60 per hour, and depending upon your experience it can go till $200 per hour.

#3 Social Media Manager

Social Media Management business for women without investment

If you are a type of woman who likes to spend a lot of time on Social Medias like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, you can turn this habit as an active source of income by becoming a freelance social media manager. A lot of small and medium sized companies outsource their profiles for cost cutting, besides its more efficient than recruiting and on-boarding expenses.

In order to become a social media manager, you need to have basic understanding about all these platforms and should be able to create campaigns required during brand promotion.

#4 Travel Agents

Travel Agency as a small business idea for women without investment

Travel industry is the only business sector where experience is given far more priority as compared to the qualification. Of course having a certificate is an added advantage, but this business idea can be considered as a career option right after school.

The main responsibilities of a travel agent is to manage bookings, compare destinations and advise, as well as plan for a specific occasion that best suite clients’ needs.

This business idea does not require any investment; however you need to have good understanding about latest tourism trends and knowledge about various destinations.

#5 Interior Designers

Interior Designers

Interior designing is a best fit for creative thinkers. You need to be efficient in determining the right space requirement for designing as per clients demand, choosing the right color combination, and be an expert in decoration. This business idea can be a great career choice for women, and can generate an average of $500 per client for starters.

Depending upon your interests and skills, you may choose to become a professional interior designer, indoor lightning designer, or a specialist designer catering only a niche segment like kids room.

Small Business Ideas for Women with No Experience

Are you an aspiring woman entrepreneur but skeptical to take the first step as you lack basic experience? While prior experience plays a crucial role in any business startup, however it is not the most important aspect to run a sustainable business. Experience or not, with thorough research of the market trends, identification of target customer and an apt business plan you can overpower any business field.

Needless to say, your hard work and dedication towards your business along with the zeal to come out on top will itself give you a life changing experience!

With this being said, let us now take a look at some of the small business ideas for women that can be started without any experience.

  1. Remote Answering Service
  2. Mediators
  3. Photography
  4. Transcription
  5. Day care center

#1 Remote Answering Service

Remote answering business for Women with No Experience

Most of the businesses are now outsourcing their calls outside of business hours to third party agencies or free lancers. Rather than transferring these calls to automated voice mails, it is more idealistic to divert these calls to real humans where the possibility of lead conversion increases. The main job involved in remote answering is to respond to customer queries and concerns related to the products.

These types of services are completely remote based and you can create your own agency to provide these services to small and medium organizations. Depending upon the clients you can hire your own staff and create your own professional team for telephone answering service.

#2 Mediators

Mediator business

To resolve business or personal conflicts, mediator agencies generally support two parties by resolving any disputes and arriving at a mutually beneficial solution. The profit margins are exceptional in this business sector and are dependent on the nature of conflict and two parties.

Although you may start your business without any prior experience, but after few years you may need to apply for accreditation to further grow in this industry. Also it is important to review your state laws before incorporating your mediator agency. Few states do not require a law degree while others require you to be registered attorney.

#3 Photography

Photography business

Starting your own photo studio or agency is a great way to generate an active income stream. While this business idea is not uncommon, but a great deal of fame can be achieved overnight if your photographs are unique. Creating a social media page and displaying your art is a brilliant method to attract visitors and generate leads.

You can also create your own website and promote it on search engines and local newspapers to generate awareness. Another business that can generate a passive source of income is by selling your original photographs on platforms like ShutterStock, where a single image can be sold for $5-$10 depending upon your creativity.

#4 Transcription

Transcription business

Earn money by converting the recorded audio or video files into text format. All you need is strong English skills, laptop and an active internet connection. You can open your own transcription agency to support organizations, or you can work as a freelance with companies like Rev where you can earn a passive income of around $200 per month.

Your chances to grow in this business are more if you are a bilingual or a multilingual. Based on the difficulty of the language you can charge your clients on per hour basis.

#5 Day care centre

Day Care Business

Day care business is among the fastest growing industry of 21st century. An in-house day care center is much easier to start and requires far less investment as compared to a traditional center. Besides, these types of businesses are fun, stress free and very easy to operate.

Working parents often require a day care center around their vicinity which is trustworthy and safe. As long as you are living in a neighborhood with kids, this business will never become obsolete.

High Paying Small Business Ideas for Housewives

Housewives based on their interest and time availability can successfully start many businesses while still maintaining their work-life balance. These businesses are particularly befitting for moms who dream to become their own boss, yet have all the time in their life to groom their kids. Let us now take a look at some of the unique business ideas that are high paying and ideal for housewives.  

  1. Bookkeeper
  2. Food service business
  3. Soap making
  4. Teaching
  5. Online Fitness Classes

#1 Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping business for women

If you are good in accounting or have the desire to learn basic accounts, you can become a part time bookkeeper yourself. All you need to do is maintain a proper financial account that includes sales, receipts and payments of an organization. A lot of small offline stores require a bookkeeper to maintain their financial records, for a start you can make 3-4 clients near your vicinity before running a full fledged bookkeeping agency.

You can also post your services in local directories and yellow pages, these ads are not very expensive and are more efficient than reaching door to door to ask for any type of requirements.

#2 Food service business

Food service business

Your love for cooking can easily be turned into a successful food catering business. You can start your home based food service business part time or full time depending upon your time availability. There is not much capital required to start this business from home, and depending upon your geographical location you may or may not require a food license to operate.

You can also start a specialized food category business depending on your neighborhood. Be it gourmet, high protein based snack bar, or a completely organic meal, it is completely up to your expertise and interest.

#3 Soap Making

Soap making business for women

There has been a lot of awareness lately regarding the advantages of using organic handmade soaps. The market growth has been expected to grow around 27% worldwide by 2025. Besides, the startup cost and operational cost is completely dependent on the ingredients (Coconut oil, Shea butter, etc.) that are easily available in any grocery store.

You can easily setup your business and start selling on stores like Etsy, an American ecommerce site that particularly focuses on handmade or vintage items.

#4 Teaching

Teaching business for women

You can start your own teaching business that makes good use of your knowledge and is a great way to generate an active source of income. Depending on your skills, you can choose a particular subject and provide hourly classes to your neighbourhood kids. Alternatively, you can upload tutorial videos for professionals on websites like Udemy and get paid.

Some teachers also generate extra income by selling their lesson plans to other teachers online. Websites like Teachers Pay Teachers helps teachers exchange notes by charging a small commission fee.

#5 Online Fitness Classes

Online Fitness Classes

Online fitness class is the best way to start your business as a housewife. Besides, this business is highly profitable and if executed correctly can make you a star overnight.

Not only can you create an online session with a group, but you can also provide personal diet counselling and fitness plans as an additional package. You can also create your own mobile app that constantly engages with your clients and shares health tips. This way you can generate income through direct selling as well as through monetization of the mobile application.


After detailed research and analysis, we have curated the best small business ideas that are ideal for any housewife, mother, or a woman with no experience and investment. We hope after reading this post, you have decided to follow your passion and become your own boss.

Do keep in mind, that every aspiring entrepreneur should understand their skills, passion and finances before stepping into any kind of business. Good Luck.


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